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Support offered by Kayako is Garbage

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Callum Mclay, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Callum Mclay

    Callum Mclay Established Member

    Has anyone else noticed how terrible the technical support offered by Kayako has become?

    The last 3 times I have had to contact Kayako, its been around 24 hours per response. In 2 of those cases, they never even fixed the problem we had. In one of them they kept arranging dates and times to make a teamviewer connection to investigate the issue, and just didn't show up, twice!

    We have been a user for 5 years. It used to be that you could receive instant support via live chat from Kayako. They would remote in to your system and help you fix problems there and then but it was always fast.

    Now if you log a ticket, you are lucky if they respond the same day, and the weird hybrid live chat/email which they now have, that must be part of their new product, just doesn't produce responses. In the last case, the agent even asked me to contact them as soon as the problem occurred so they could look at it in a live situation. Well that was over an hour ago and they still haven't responded on live chat. So now they even actively disappoint you.

    I wouldn't mind were it not for 2 things. 1, Kayako IS a support company. Their business is providing solutions for support, but they can't actually offer it themselves?

    2, Kayako have forced us to pay frankly, a stupid amount of money for the classic software as on-going licensing AND support, that you can tell they just want to end of life still, were it not for the fact that nobody wants the new cloud only version that's even more expensive. With the new version it feels like Kayako looked at what everyone else in the market was doing and went "oh, we should do that too but charge even more!" And its clear they are not interested in existing classic customers.

    Kayako is now a company designed to take your money!
  2. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    That's been clear for some time now (ask about PHP 7).
    They can't take it, you have to give it to them. ;)
  3. Callum Mclay

    Callum Mclay Established Member

    Haha so true! But we like I am sure many others, have to keep giving them money because transitioning the helpdesk is just a monumental task right now.
  4. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi Callum
    I just saw the case you're referring to - a complete disaster. Several people in the handling of that have completely dropped the ball, and the timezone mix-up which caused the team to miss your appointment was just plain stupid (I should note, however, I only found one scheduled appointment which was missed, not two - am I missing a separate thread?).

    We're going to get this and your case sorted.

    I'm sorry if you were banging your head against the desk.

    I assure you this isn't the case (and the reason why we introduced new continued support plans for legacy Kayako license is so we can make appropriate investments to improve our availability for these sorts of things).

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