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Support Suite integration with WHMCS [MERGED]

Discussion in 'Kayako 3 Forums' started by bear, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    I am not a technician; I wouldn't be giving time estimates if I didn't have grounds for them. Obviously, something has taken Varun away from completing this - and until I hear back from him, there is no other information I can give.

    Seen as though the main office is closed tomorrow, I doubt we will be releasing it tonight or tomorrow; I apologise for this, we have dropped the ball. I'll make sure Varun does this as quickly as possible.
  2. craigbrass

    craigbrass Experienced Member

    Yea, what I said was no way ment at you Jamie. You are just the middle man passing on information...
  3. DeanClinton

    DeanClinton New Member

    nah, you haven't dropped the ball jamie - Varun has let kayako down.
    which means it could be another month yet.

    I'm gonna cancel my subscription tomorrow. 2008 is the year for changes; excuses aren't gonna be a part of this year. Thank god I haven't invested a lot of cash in the product - I've only leased it for two months.

    Happy New Year
  4. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    I think we should wip Varún's *** once he gets back, what do you'all say ?

    I personally won't cancel. The is no better software out there than kayako. And guess what I got for Christmas ? An HP Ipaq,. and YEP I can use it with Kayako, And guess what ? WHMCS just released an addon for Windows Mobile , heheheh

    So, I'll wait, impatiently,. but I'll wait.

    Thanks to Jamie, for being there with us during the ruff moments, hehehe

    Varun, your *** is mine. :D
  5. twhiting9275

    twhiting9275 Established Member

    I'm not sure what the deal is here, but I have no issues with my own CVS integration (at least none that clients have told me about ;)). Everyone's been able to login, submit tickets, view tickets and responses, well enough. Again, this is probbly because this is the initial release, but still.

    I would agree though that this has been a 'work' for some time and it really should have been resolved by now. Kayako's screaming 'be patient' (specifically Jamie is), but at some point, it's beyond 'patience', and moves into the ridiculous side of things.
  6. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    So are you saying that you are have none of the problems mentioned in the open bugs section ?

    Which CVS are you running ?
  7. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Intersting, and even almost frustrating:

    I just installed the latest CVS (Jan1) and it all seems like it's working. A few CSS issues,. but all working. Created ticket as user,. response from staff,. back and forth,. and working !

    (so far)

    wtf ?
  8. craigbrass

    craigbrass Experienced Member

    Yea, there are only a few small bugs listed in the bug tracker. Otherwise it works fine. I thought you realised this.
  9. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    Hi there,

    The bugs have been fixed this morning and will be available in tonight's CVS build unless I can run a build sooner (currently mobile).
  10. craigbrass

    craigbrass Experienced Member

    Ah, great stuff. Just a little patience was needed then.
  11. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    I see some bugs have been fixed and other closed. Are these new changes reflected on this las CVS (2 Jan) ??
  12. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    Bugs that have been closed could not be duplicated on our systems. If you still experience the problem then please submit a support ticket.
  13. hbidad

    hbidad Established Member

    Jamie can you confirm the changes were made in the latest CVS..

    Version: 3.11.02 (CVS) - 02 Jan 2008 01:10 AM
  14. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Yes, please,

    Can you tell us how we can start enjoying these fixes?
  15. craigbrass

    craigbrass Experienced Member

    According to Changelog, it hasn't been committed to the CVS server yet. I imagine it will be tonight as Jamie says. It will then be available in the nightly build.
  16. fieldsg

    fieldsg Member

    Just a quick question if I may. I have been told that the WHMCS integration will only work with CVS 3.11.02 and the latest release tonight will work out bugs. Great to hear, and looking forward to as my attempt to integrate has failed now 5 times.

    However, This post shows that the WHMCS Kayako integration is complete. If you notice the kayako build is 3.00.00 and seems to work.

    Just wondering....
  17. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member


    I am using the Jan 2 CVS, and I'm wondering if once the .32 stable is out,. can I upgrade ? Or do I hae to do a clean install ?

    If so, how can I keep current configs (tickets, departments,. staff , etc..)

  18. hbidad

    hbidad Established Member

    Changelog: SWIFT Framework
    01 Jan 1970 12:00 AM -
    Files Affected: 0


    Last Updated: 03 Jan 2008 01:10:07 AM
    Copyright © 2001-2006 Kayako Infotech Ltd.

    hehe.. http://builds.kayako.com

    I see the Jan 3rd CVS in the members area, but nothing in the change log there as well. Now do you understand why I asked Jamie?
  19. DeanClinton

    DeanClinton New Member

    When logging in, it says that "No open support tickets" on the Client Area page, even though there is :)

    When I click on the Support Tickets link, it shows the ones that are open etc.
  20. hbidad

    hbidad Established Member

    Your statement is open to confusion..

    I assume you are logging in a s client with open tickets in Kayako, but not showing in WHMCS? The admin side of whmcs will not show any tickets from kayako. I'm sure you are already aware of that though.

    Try opening a new ticket from WHMCS as the client. I bet the tickets show up afterwards. If not, are the email addresses exactly the same? Clear your cache and revert all templates? While you are at it, try to login as the client directly in kayako and see if the login still works after you submit a ticket from a pre-existing kayako user. I'm just going on a hunch.. I've yet to update and test, but I'll do it in the morning.
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