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Supportsuite keeps sending emails to itself and causing endless loops

Discussion in 'Email piping' started by ironfist, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. ironfist

    ironfist Established Member

    Ok we have 1 single pop3 queue which is tickets@yoursupportsite.com and all other email addresses forward to this one.
    We then have a pipe queue for each possible email address a ticket could come in on and assign it to the correct dept/template group.

    This has been working fine for months and months, but just recently we started having problems.

    A customer creates a new ticket in some dept, say support@domain1.com
    Supportsuite now adds tickets@yoursupportsite.com as a CC address to the ticket, for god knows what reason, but it is always the pop3 queue address.
    This means that every reply which is now posted to the ticket gets forwarded to tickets@yoursupportsite.com which results in a duplicate reply, which results in another email being sent, which result sin a duplicate reply, and so on and so on, endless emails can result.
    These duplicate replies are also for some reason sometimes being treated as new tickets, and as we don't accept new tickets via email, it results in an automated response being sent saying this, which then bounces back to the ticket system as a reply or a new ticket. So it actually ignores it own rule and creates a new ticket from its own bounced email anyway.
    As you can see this now getting really messy and resulting in a lot of tickets and duplicated replies.

    I am getting really frustrated with Kayako support as they are not helping, they are just sending nonsense replies/solutions that are not helpful at all.

    For example, here are their last 2 replies

    1. You need to delete all your email queues
    How would this help? This would just completely stop our ticket system working at all as we would not receive any emails from customers. I told them this, and they give the next reply.

    2. Then you need to stop sending email to the email queue.
    Which is basicallthe the same reply. So we tell customers they are not allowed to reply to tickets, so again this would totally stop the ticket system working.

    So kayakos advice is basically, stop using the product in order to make it work, which is obviously not right.
    Can anyone provide some advice that is a little more helpful ?

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