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  1. Phil R

    Phil R Established Member

    We use a textbox organisational custom field in V4 to provide a "Customer Synopsis". We use a structures set of text (in the post part) to provide key information about a licensed software / infrastructure deployment.

    The up front and centre view of these fields in V4, pretty much meant Kayako was a CRM from the support side.

    Whilst I will say that New Kayako has nicely kept all custom fields tidy, it also means it is no longer in your face and will often result in scrolling.

    Our Customer Synopsis field is actually going to be the biggest complaint now, as it means crutial detail is hidden, but also that you have to copy the text out of Kayako, just to read it.

    If I dump the following text into a textbox in V5

    All that is displayed to me when I view the Organisation tab is
    Less then 21% of the original text is rendered.

    The sample of text used here is actually smaller than our largest description we already have in this field.
  2. Phil R

    Phil R Established Member

    Any feedback on this?

    There are genuinely more critical issues for us in new Kayako, however the silence on this one does raise an eyebrow.

    Per the text provided, a textarea type field is quite frankly redundant and the snippet I provided, is hardly much grater than the "short string of text" that a normal text field is documented for.
  3. Gary McGrath

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    Hi Phil,

    This one is my fault, I raised it with the product team, but did not get around to updating the thread. sorry for that!

    We agree it is an issue and something is going to be done about it, however the way it will be fixed it not 100% certain atm, it is likely we will add the ability to sticky a user/org note, and have the ability to edit them.

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