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The Ultimate Fusion, Engage, and Resolve integration Solution (FUIM v2)

Discussion in 'Offers' started by hwevers, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member



    Kayako’s Fusion, Engage and Resolve are sophisticated helpdesk systems and used to support many websites. There are two problems that stands in the way of a superb user experience. There is no Single Log On (SLO) available and they have a limited implementation of Single Sign On (SSO). (We will use the word Helpdesk in this document for either Fusion, Engage or Resolve. )
    Our Helpdesk Ultimate Integration solution (FUIM for short) addresses these problems by means of an easy to install Helpdesk module. After installation you get:
    · SLO: a user who logs in to the helpdesk gets automatically logged in to the supported website . For clarity we will call the supported website “the Integration” in this document.
    · SSO: The user needs only to register on one site and gets registered to the other site. Your choice if registration takes place on the Helpdesk or the Integration.
    · User records are synchronized in the background when a user logs on. Thus changes in the common fields of the user record of the registration site (called Master, see below) like password, email, user group, phone, address, full name and more are done on the fly on both sites without any action of the user. When you disable FUIM, the sites can run independently.
    · You don’t need to change any Helpdesk or integration code. Just a change in one of the CSS files of the Helpdesk is needed to make the module work.
    · All Integrations are supported by means of an open source plugin system. You can easily program your own by changing a few lines in the existing plugins. Many plugins will be available within the first few weeks after release.
    · DSLO: With additional software, like the Breincoach Magento DSLO support module, you get DSLO. This means a user can login to either the integration (for instance Magento) or the Helpdesk to get logged in on both. This is important for e-commerce websites where the client can register and login during the checkout process without losing the basket.

    How FUIM works

    To understand how FUIM works you need to know the difference between the Master website and the Slave website. The Master is the website where the user must register and maintain their profile. The other website will become the slave. You can choose if the Helpdesk or the Integration becomes the Master.
    The basic operation of FUIM is pretty simple:
    1. When a user logs in on Kayako’s Helpdesk the user is authenticated on the Master. If the user is not registered on the Master the login will fail. And of course when the authentication fails the logon with fail as well.
    2. When the authentication is successful then the Slave is tested for a the presence of a valid user record. If there isn’t one, a new user record is created on the slave using the Masters user data.
    3. In case there is a valid user record found on the slave, fields with the same purpose are checked and updated if necessary. Most common fields, like username, email, password, user group, addresses and phone numbers etc. are handled.
    4. Then the user is logged in on the Helpdesk and the Integration.
    As you can see, when you set the integration as Master the system operates like Kayako’s Loginshare. However, the module adds the all-important single logon feature. Also there are more fields synchronized and you can easily add your own as explained later.
    If you set the Helpdesk as Master all registration takes place on the Helpdesk and the user data on the Integration will follow those on the helpdesk. Single Logon is provided in this case too.

    Easy adaption

    The interface layer between the FUIM module and the integration consists of an integration class with easy to understand functions. Because the code of this class is open source new integrations can be programmed without too much ado. The core module provides the most common functions and supports using an API and/or database based integration. At this second release we provide this class for Joomla 1.5+, Magento and WHMCS. In beta test are the OScommerce clones osCommerce (2 and 3),OscXT, OscZen, OscMax,and OscSEO, Moodle and Wordpress. Coding of Efront, myBB, Vbulletin and phpBB3 has started.
    You find the source of the integration code in the directories:
    <kayako root>/_modules/Breincoach/library/includes/xxxxxx
    Note that the integration class for Magento uses the Magento API and serves as an example for integrations using an API. The others classes use the faster database approach. There is nothing that stops you from using the database and the API.

    DSLO implementation

    Although not absolutely needed, the setup with DSLO a lot more user friendly. After all Fusion, Engage and Resolve are helpdesk systems and only used when needed. The user is (hopefully) focused on the Integration and logging in on the Helpdesk to get access to the main site feels a bit weird.
    There are ways around this using customized login forms on the Integration, but under the hood the login will still take place on the Helpdesk. Katako’s Loginshare suffers from this backward behavior too.
    A serious problem arises with ecommerce systems where the user can fill his basket and registers and/or logs in during the checkout process. The result is that the user must login to the helpdesk after this one time to get registered on the helpdesk. Magento is an example of this behaviour
    To the rescue comes DSLO as explained above. Coding a DSLO module needs a good understanding of the software on which it will run and takes time. At the release of FUIM version 2 we have a DSLO module/plugin available for Magento. DSLO for Joomla can be achieved with the open source Joomla component JFusion (www.jfusion.org). You need our Helpdesk plugin for JFusion to complete the setup, but then you can add even more websites to the system. We have successfully integrated Joomla, Magento and the Helpdesk this way with one registration point and DSLO on all three websites.

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  2. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Awesome, thanks for sharing. I've sent you a private message :)
  3. indesigns

    indesigns Established Member

    This is an excellent product for SSO kayako and whmcs. We used the previous version and worked perfectly. Now working on the upgraded version that was just released.
  4. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    Oops, something went wrong during production. There is a directory (locale) missing in the installation file. Corrrected. Please use the attached file instead.

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  5. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    Too bad I can't edit my first post. Engage is not supported, there is no logging and registration for users, thus the module has no use.
  6. maxhodges

    maxhodges Established Member

    is anyone using this?

    I'm not sure I understand. There is a magento module? I searched magentoconnect for FUIM but I didn't find it. Where do we pay for the license?

  7. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    For Magento you need two pieces of software: FUIM and the magento DSLO module. FUIM runs as a module under Kayako's Fusion and takes care of synchronizing the user data between Fusion and Magento. The user needs only to register on one of the two sites. FUIM also provides single logon (SLO) so users logged in on Fusion gets logged in on Magento.
    This works well, however from a user point of view the main site is the shop (Magento) and he expects to be registered on the helpdesk when he has registered on Magento. Also the user expects to be logged in to the helpdesk when he logs in to the shop. This DSLO (Distributed Single Logon) is performed by the Magento DSLO module. After installation Magento and Fusion act as one website.

    -- To get the software (FUIM and the Magento DSLO module) go to www.breincoach.eu
    -- Go to downloads and Fusion module and get the FUIM software and manual
    -- Go to downloads and FUIM DSLO modules and get the magento module and the documentation.

    You need a (trial) license for both modules. Just click in the main menu on "request licenses" , fill in the form and submit. You will receive the licenses automatically via email.
    Once tested and you would like a paid license, use the same form and pay via Paypal.

    -- as for is someone using this: Yes many. From Magento commercial to Magento professional. If you want an example or ask a webmaster using FUIM/Magento then contact me at support@breincoach.eu
  8. TTechCraig

    TTechCraig New Member

    How's the WHMCS integration? My concern is we have clients.domain for WHMCS and support.domain for Kayako - would this be an issue with the sessions not being on the same subdomain (albeit domain)???
  9. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    No problem at all. Subdomain differences work well. For the latest news, downloads, trial licenses and support please go to www.breincoach.eu.
    The integration is still developed actively with as next enhancement the backoffice integration soon to be released.
  10. DanP

    DanP New Member

    I am very interested in this integration.

    Does this work with Moodle more specifically the most current versions of Moodle version 2.x?

    We currently use Kayako Fusion as the support mechanism for online students alongside Moodle.
    http://support.whitireia.ac.nz but at the moment users have to login/register in the two sites independently.

  11. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    In principle almost any spftware can be supported, including Moodle 2. However you need an (open source) interface class for every software you want to integrate.
    Because FUIMs roots are in JFusion (open source integration software hosted on Joomla) and I wrote the Moodle plugin (and parts of JFGusion as well) it would be possible to send you a beta version of the integration class within a week. Until now I did not have any request for the Fusion/Moodle integration. Most of the Moodle integrations are with Joomla (and thus JFusion).

    If you are interested, contact me on support@breincoach.eu. You can also have a look at www.breincoach.eu to download the FUIM manual and read more about this solution.

    Also for others reading this: Note that the standard Loginshare for Fusion is no match for FUIM. FUIM synchronizes many fields and updates the slave when the master records change. You also get Single logon as long as Fusion and the integration (Moodle) are on the same domain.

  12. DanP

    DanP New Member

    Thank you Henk.

    I'll check out your site and documentation. Very helpful.

    Can you give me a rough idea of cost for FUIM and Moodle class development?

  13. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    FUIM license is € 87. The integration class is free and once developed will be available as part of the FUIM package.
    You also want a DSLO module I guess. This allows users to login on Moodle to get logged in on Moodle and Fusion. This is also € 87.

    You do not need to pay for development. If you are content with the solution just blow the horn about it in the Moodle community. With a little bit of luck I'll get the development covered that way.

    Just for readers of this message. This offer is not valid for every software not yet integrated. I just happen to have developed the JFusion integration plugin for Moodle so it won't take me much time to get this done.
  14. DanP

    DanP New Member

    Excellent Henk. Very reasonable costs.

    Can you direct me to a "installation manual" of sorts. I am not exactly a technical guru but have become the default web technician and understand a few bits and bobs. Fusion and Moodle here are setup on Windows server 2008 environment, in Apache/PHP/MySQL on separate servers on the same domain if any of that makes a difference.

    I'm meeting with the boss tomorrow and will contact you on your support email.

  15. DanP

    DanP New Member

    Sorry yes I found the FUIM manual.

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