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The ultimate Kayako Integration solution - SLO, SSO and automatic user sync all in one

Discussion in 'Offers' started by hwevers, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    Breincoach is proud to annouce the imminent release of its ultimate integration solution for Kayako 4.

    No, this is NOT a loginshare solution, our implementation is much more flexible and uses an easy to install and configure module.

    • SLO (Single Log On). A user that logs in on Kayako will be logged in on the integration as well
    • SSO (Single Sign On). A user needs only to register on either Kayako or the integrated website by a configuration option that controlst which is the Master and which the Slave.
    • User records are synchronized. This means that a new user record will be created on the slave when a user registers on the master, and future changes in the master userrecord, like passwords, will propagate to the slave. All this automatically in the background when a user logs in.
    • The module uses a plugin system to support different software. At the start we have Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6 implemented. Magento, Wordpress, Oscommerce and clones, Moodle, phpBB, Efront and more will follow soon. The plugins are open source and will make it relatively easy to develop your own for not yet supported software.
    • No code changes in Kayako 4 needed.
    • Easy to install thanks to Kayako's module installation system. Easy to configure too.
    • Extensive debug information available in case you develop your own plugin, or SLO is not working due to server/website/configuration issues.
    • If you need to integrate more than one website with Kayako then this module can act as a JFusion DSLO extension (Distributed Single Log On), meaning you can log in on all JFusion supported software (see www.jfusion.org). JFusion plugins can easely be converted to a plugin for our Kayako module (that is because we wrote a big part of the JFusion software and its plugins :).
    • Price: € 87
    We are currently at the the RC1 release level. We estimate that the software will be release before 1 March, as soon as the documentation is finished.

    We can still use a few RC testers with a Kayako/Joomla integration, just write us a message (see below) . Also, if you are interested in this module just write us a note what software you combine with Kayako 4. We will give the development of the plugins requested most the highest priority.
    The RC1 version needs ioncube to run. If the final version will be encoded and in what way is still under discussion.
    Contact: info@mijnbreincoach.nl to
    • Get on the RC1 testers list.
    • Let us know for wich software you want a plugin for our module developed.
    • Get the source code for the Joomla plugins to be able to develop your own.
    • Get nfo on our JFusion plugins for Kayako 3 and Kayako 4.
    • Get info on support for Full website integrations
    • To ley us know wht you think about our module.
    See some screenshots from the admin console below
    Henk Wevers
    Brein1.jpg Brein2.jpg
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  2. indesigns

    indesigns Established Member

    there is a large community that is looking for something like this but with whmcs and kayako v4. any time frame? SSO is so needed for kayako.
  3. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    Didn't know whmcs, so just had a look at their website. They have an API that supports the functions I need so it won't take long to get the plugin done. Problem is the license. As this is encrypted sofware I need to test well. See if you can get a lot of people to send me a message they want this. I probably need an owned license to get this done and I have to sell many for the price I am going to ask. Maybe I need to up the price a little bit. If enough interest (what do you mean with "a large community"?) I can have this ready for testing second week in March. Note that the Kayako 4 module will only work if both softwares are on the same domain. They may be on different servers if the remote (non Kayako) server supports remote MYSQL.

    If you can sponser me a license (maybe together with others, or by talking to the whmcs people) then I will certainly start this development asap.
    There is one restriction: I need to test the login procedure first. I have yet to encounter software that made it impossible to get my smodule (or JFusion plugin) working, but you never know. First step is downloading a demo version and try that.

    -- first things first, I need to finish the documentation before taking up other tasks.
  4. AndyW

    AndyW Established Member

    +1 for WHMCS 4 fill-integration with Kayako 4

    If you get this done quickly, there could be 100s if not 1000s of people interested.
  5. hamish

    hamish Established Member

    Hi there

    very interested in this for m current site can you get intouch when released or beta is ready
  6. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    Hello all,
    Just a short note:
    This module will be released either today or wednesday. This first release will be as a release candidate although it has been tested well.
    The first release will contain the Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6 and WHMCS plugins.
    @andy: WHMCS, yes, I downloaded their trial version and have been able (after a heavy fight with the build in security measures of their software) to get a working plugin with all features, including SLO. Works great here :)
    @all: in the works are plugins based on the JFusion ones. Wich comes first depends on demand. As you can see from the WHMCS plugin, a difficult one due to encrypted source, developing a plugin can be done pretty fast. The list of plugins to develop that won't give me a headache:
    dokuwiki, efornt, elgg, eventum, gallery2, magento, mantis, mediawiki, moodle, mybb, oscommerce and clones, phpbb3, smf, vbulletin

    Note that the module itself needs ioncube. The plugins are open source. You can easely code one yourself, using the available ones as an example. If you do, please share.

  7. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    I have attached the first version of the documentation. I will upload the module as soon as the ioncube guys have authenticated my payment. I assume they can handle a Paypal transfer within 24 hours.
    Cooments on the documenation please to info@mijnbreincaoch.nl. I'm eager to learn from my mistakes with the English language.

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  8. hamish

    hamish Established Member

    documentation looks clear and easy to follow, would be nice to see complete video installation with standard joomla scenario

    Are you looking at a trial offering or straight purchase?
  9. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    I will post a trial version here. Fully functional, limited time. As far as I am concerned 30 days. The trial version will show that it is a trial on the login screen. I guess that's enough motivation to purchase the software. Until I have set up my website to accept a domain for the license before paying I am going to ask a standard Paypal payment. Developing the plugins have priotity now.

    I hope to upload the trial here tomorrow, but at last wednesday. I'm testing the ioncube encryption and the license logic now. The module itself seems to be working fine.
    As for the video, I can do that. But thanks to teh easy ijstallation of modules build into Fusion I think people will be able to install tyhe software without problems.

  10. indesigns

    indesigns Established Member

  11. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    Here we are, RC4. Just try it and, if you want to, report back: info@mijnbreincoach.nl. Questions to the same email address.
    Note that this is a Release candidate and although I'm pretty sure it is fit for production, you should be carefull.
    Attached the script and the doc.
    Have fun

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  12. tm2000

    tm2000 Established Member

    Like what I see.. Nice documentation. Having someone test it via Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and WHM 4.4.2 Cool!
  13. ballou

    ballou New Member

    This looks like a working sollution.
    I still didn't manage to get it up with our WHMCS installation.
    Should I just do the same as in the document but change the data to ours?
    It would be great to get a comment from someone that has tested this with WHMCS.
  14. Josh_FML

    Josh_FML New Member

    Would love to see Kayako v4 integrated into WHMCS.

    What exactly is a plugin and how does this work? It just shares the login and database? Lots of WHMCS users would love to see a full integration so you can use WHMCS for billing etc while Kayako handles the support tickets/emails areas.

    IF you're wondering about numbers, just consider the number of web-hosters both large and small out there. If even 10-20% of them want Kayako v4...
  15. ballou

    ballou New Member

    The problem I get is that nothing happens if I klick on the the link in the top menu.
    Could anyone please describe this to me?
  16. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    @josh_FML: FUIM is a Kayako module that synchronizes the database of an integration (like WHMCS) offering single registration and provides single logon, eg one place to login to both. Most of the code needed for that is part of the module. Plugins take care of the interface with the software to integrate. These plugins are pretty simple to code and a lot of them will becoma available in the next weeks (as said, the JFusion plugins can be easely converted). The WHMCS plugin is already available. If you want to integrate more then I need to know what you want, I need more knowledge here. The system is easely adatapble.

    @ballou: You need to follow the instructions and use the data for your own system (paths, url's, database data, domain dat etc.) The module can handle databases on another server, if this server supports remote mysql. You need to have Kayako and WHMCS on the same domain though.

    @ballou: I have no idea what you mean with The problem I get is that nothing happens if I klick on the the link in the top menu. Installation is pretty straight forward and done quickly. From your first post I get the idea that you have not configured the module or put the module files in the wrong directory. If you want assistance, use mt email address.
  17. dragonwebdev

    dragonwebdev New Member

    hello henk any feeback for rc4 version?
  18. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    No problems reported sofar. Just try it for yourself. As only two minor changes are needed in the css, and you can easely backup and restore a css file in Fusion there is absolutely no danger in messing up your current installation. Just give it a try and be amazed...
  19. dragonwebdev

    dragonwebdev New Member

    thanks Henk I send you PM for few quick question regarding this module
  20. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    New version (very minor update in the jfusion integration code) and new trial key (included in the zip, valid 15 days from now)
    Docs: see some messages befoer this one.

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