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The ultimate Kayako Integration solution - SLO, SSO and automatic user sync all in one

Discussion in 'Offers' started by hwevers, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    I'd like to use this, but a little hesitant. Anyone using this in production ?
  2. Master Merlin

    Master Merlin Member

    I am, SLO doesn't work with WHMCS the instructions are missleading and the author doesn't seem to be providing any support. I'd stay away from this if I were you and wait till kayako implements its own integration.
  3. indesigns

    indesigns Established Member

    Is this solution still been worked on from the developer "hwevers"?
  4. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    Of course the plugin is workimng. Otherwise I would not offer a payback service when installing the plugin.
    However, I am currently on a very long journey and will return july 10. from then on I will be able to continue the development.
    If you want to have an idea what the plugin does and the quality of the work, just have a look at the www.jfusion.org website. The plugin for Kayako fusion is a scaled down version of JFusion and does not need Joomla.
  5. indesigns

    indesigns Established Member

    where do we purchase the plugin? and is it downloadable right away after purchase? We will need it for our main site and dev site.
  6. indesigns

    indesigns Established Member

    Where can I change the code when a person logins in using this login, they stay on the page they logged in.
  7. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    First, as pointed out elaswere, I will be back in office around July 10th. Until then I have almost no access to the internet, to far away from civilisation :).
    Now, as for purchage the module, that will be easy, I´ll send you a Paypal account to pay to and you will rfeceive the module within 24 hours. The key will be valid for one domain and your development server.
    I am back in office July 7th and will take up development of the module (especially the intregration plugins(like Magento, Wordpress, Moodle, Efront and more) by then.
    PS Your second question, thsi depends on your setup. I will help you to adapt this once I am back.
  8. mrphantuan

    mrphantuan New Member

    I'd like to use this, but a little hesitant
  9. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    I will publish a new demo version tonight, so you can try the module without risk. (tonight == 13 hours from now)
  10. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    New demo valid until 11-8-2011.

    Info for WHMCS: WHMCS has no API routine to log the user out. I am using a brute force deletion of the session cookie. This means that the user is logged out the moment the file logout.php is accessed.

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  11. smartmod

    smartmod New Member

    Hi, is Magento already supported or when will it be?
  12. hamish

    hamish Established Member

    Hi there

    is there a trial available for this
  13. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    @ all: I do not regularely check in on this forum, so please if you have urgent questions contact me directly at info@mijnbreincoach.nl
    @smartmod: yes Magento will be supported, actually most of the software that has a plugin for JFusion (www.jfusion.org) will be supported. No set release date yet, I am busy to include support for custom fields and a change of the main email address in Kayako. After that, Magento is the first to become available after Joomla and WHMCS. For Magento there is something extra. The DSLO (dual single logon) module for JFusion will be made to work for FUIM as well. Meaning users can login/register on Magento and getting their user record synced to Kayko and logged in to Kayako in the background. a must be, because users can register during the checkout process. With Single FUIM you need to register/logon on Kayako, thus loosing the basket. Beta version in a week or four, but no guaratantee. Most code is done for JFusion, but I need to get the bits and pieces glued together.
    @ Hamish ouch, just got a message from you... have a look in your mail :)
  14. hamish

    hamish Established Member

    not got anything in my mail as yet ??
  15. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    :) We had a conversation and since an hour or so FUIM is working as advertised on your website.
  16. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    There is a new version of FUIM with full Magento integration. This means that apart from FUIM that runs on Kayako there is a Magento Module that allows users to login on Magento as well. Thus users can register ion magento and login on Magento or Kayako to be logged in on both. User records will be synced on the fly with the following Magento fields:
    validation, first- middle- and lastname, email, password, phone. Adres data are copied to an organization in Fusion (created on the fly).

    If your are interested in testing the release candidate let me know.
    I am currently working on getting the FUIM support site on-line, so until then use info@breincoach.eu
  17. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

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