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Ticket/Case IDs?

Discussion in 'Upgrading to the new Kayako' started by monkeytennis, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. monkeytennis

    monkeytennis New Member

    Just having a look at the new Kayako and whilst it looks like a massive improvement in most areas, the loss of a unique ID for each ticket (it now appears to be a case# tied to the customer profile) has possibly rendered it unsuitable for our requirements :(

    If anyone from Kayako is reading, is there any chance they can take a look at the below and let me know if these problems are going to be insurmountable with the new Kayako version:

    1) If a staff member is dealing with a case, how can they take part in any dialogue with other members of staff in other departments within the ticket/case? In the current version we rely heavily on FWD to, for instance, send bug details from a customer to our Test Department and then their reply (i.e. "it's a bug" / "it's a feature") is appended to the ticket and visible to all staff users. How would this work in the new system? I can't actually find the FWD button but I'm sure it must be there?

    2) Our RMA system generates automated emails which, with the current system, are appended to the ticket through the use of the Ticket ID in the subject line. I can't see any settings relating to any kind of ticket/case ID in this new version so are we going to lose our RMA integration?

    3) How will old tickets, with their Ticket IDs, be integrated into the new system when the upgrade takes place?

    I'm hoping to hear some good news as we really wouldn't want to go through the upheaval of moving to another system TBH :¬/
  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hey Monkeytennis,

    Thanks for trying out the new Kayako, let me go through your concerns, as I think we have solutions/answers for all :)

    In terms of a ticket ID, each case still has this, we call it the case ID

    Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 16.18.04.png

    You can see it highlight above, on the case tab. ( case ID #7 )

    Re question 1) Are these staff members outside of Kayako? If so, we have a new type of staff member in Kayako, Collaborators, this will let those other members of staff log into Kayako and add notes to a case, so you can collaborate in real time with each other. We are also adding the ability to forward a case, but this has not been completed yet, but it is coming :)

    Question 2) We removed ticket ID from subject lines, as it makes it messy for conversations and breaks nested chats inside google and other mail clients. Instead we add the case ID to a header within the email instead. There are actually several ways you can integrate your RMA system into the new Kayako, it is far more flexible. You could also use our new API to push the details into a case, the best way to acheive it would require knowing a little more about the abilities of your RMA system. But if you could do it in v4, it should certainly be possible to do it in the new Kayako.

    Question 3, we have not finished creating our migration tools, but I can tell you how this worked for our own data in v4 to the new Kayako. Old tickets are imported and retain their existing ticket ID, and using search, you can also reference a case using it's old ticket mask, and this will be found and open the case for you. If customers reply to old emails, those replies will be added to the existing cases.

    I hope that helps with your worries! If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask!

    Kind regards,

  3. monkeytennis

    monkeytennis New Member

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Our RMA system is based on our MRP software which is MacPac (IBM iSeries)

    In the current system, a warranty part request comes in from the customer and we raise an RMA in MacPac - one of the fields is the Kayako Ticket ID which is then appended to the subject line of the email and a copy of this email is sent to the customer as well as to our support address which then apends the RMA paperwork to the ticket in question.

    So during RMA creation we need a 'hook' that will ensure that the RMA paperwork is attached to the relevant case.

    Do you have information on how the Case ID is held in the metadata? And is there a way to access the metadata from within the Kayako environment?

    Best Regards,

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