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Ticket count against Folder list in Staff CP

Discussion in 'Technical chat' started by Chris-mf, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Chris-mf

    Chris-mf New Member

    Hi all

    We are using Kayako 4.69.0 (self-hosted) and have upgraded our php version from 5.5.9 to 5.6

    Everything seems OK but for one strange issue. On the Home Page of the Staff Panel there is a list of folders on the left hand side that corresponds to the Email queues which used to have a count of unresolved tickets in brackets next to the folder name. Now it has gone (screenshots below of how it was and how it is)

    I have checked all the settings in the Admin CP (esp. Ticket Settings) and there has been no change, with Admin/Tickets/Statuses - Display ticket count in the ticket navigation tree enabled for all unresolved statuses.

    I'm afraid I don't know enough php to know where to look and would be really grateful for some pointers

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  2. Gurpreet Singh

    Gurpreet Singh Staff Member

    Hello Chris,

    Greetings for the day!

    The reported issue with the tickets count most likely related to the MySQL strict mode on the server.

    Could you please verify the same on the server and disable it if it's enabled already. Refer to the article https://classic.kayako.com/article/472 to know more about how to disable the MySQL strict mode.

    Note: You need to restart the MySQL service after making changes in the MySQL configuration file.

    Feel free to write back in case of follow-up on this and I'd be happy to help.
  3. Chris-mf

    Chris-mf New Member

    Gurpreet you are a giant among men! Thankyou so much, it worked like a charm, and resolved an issue we were having with Audit Logs as well.

    Thanks again

  4. Gurpreet Singh

    Gurpreet Singh Staff Member

    Hello Chris,

    That is an awesome news! Glad to know that I was able to help and thank you for your kind words.

    Feel free to drop us a line message at https://support.kayako.com/ if need be. Happy to help :)

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