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Ticket ID at the end of ticket subject

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by Mimue, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Mimue

    Mimue Established Member

    Hi there,

    would it be possible to have the ticket ID placed at the end of the ticket subject in emails?

    Best regards,
  2. dheremans

    dheremans Member

    It would if Kayako would finally try and understand that different customers have different requirements.
    I for one would not like to see the ticket ID there AT ALL; they can easily use the mail headers to process ticket replies, and add them to the ticket.

    Unfortunately, it seems as all of these promised that were already made for v4 will NEVER see the daylight, and there WILL be a day that Kayako will regret it.
  3. Mimue

    Mimue Established Member

    Hi dheremans,

    many thanks for sharing your insights and history with K. - in the other threads, too. !
    Yes very dissapointing to many of us.

    Not seeing the ticket ID would be indeed the best for us for some of our email cues. Not for all but for the most.
    Because just seeing a number in the subject makes customers easily feel just as a number ...

    I am not into software and programming things at all.

    You say it should be easy for K to move the Ticket ID into the header? Is this correct?

    Best regards and many thanks,
  4. dheremans

    dheremans Member

    Just look at how gmail for instance can put email responses together in threads - you don't see any tracking ID in the subject line there...
    They just read email headers (MIME headers), and one of the headers says "hey, this email is a response to a previous email with mail ID xxxx"; you can basically use that information to link mails to the same ticket.

    So yes - it would be that simple.
    Even though I must add to that information that it would not work when using the standard php mail() function as it does not allow you to put your own message ID there; it may be overridden by your server's mail service... If you send through an outgoing smtp server however, there is nothing stopping you from adding that key... Theoretically you might do it using php's mail() function as well, but I've seen services that ignore that header when passed through mail()...

    Either way - it's perfectly possible, and it does in deed eliminate the "hey custtomer number XYZ" feeling...
  5. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi all,

    This is indeed an area we are addressing with our next major release, and it is going to be handled by using mail headers rather than ticket ID's in the subject or body. ( although you can still put the ID in the subject/body if you wish )

    I can understand the lack of faith some of you feel, and there is not much I can really say to change that, as it is in our actions and our next major release which will truly answer that.

  6. Andreas Stråhle

    Andreas Stråhle New Member

    Is this fixed yet ? this is a major issue for us.
    Displaying ticket id:s in the subject looks so amateur....

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