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Tickets have stopped auto closing

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Johnboy, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Johnboy

    Johnboy New Member

    Apologies for the duplicate thread but I fear my last post was posted in the wrong forum and this issue has got me pulling what's left of my hair out.

    I have been using Kayako for a number of years and have had no real issues. However for some reason my tickets have now stopped auto closing and I have no idea why. The cron is still running on my server and my settings look correct, even though I've had a little play around trying to get this to work.

    Here's the cron output.

    Rule Lookup (Default auto close rule): Array ( [0] => 6193 [1] => 6214 [2] => 6220 [3] => 6221 [4] => 6222 [5] => 6219 )

    Here's my setup and auto close rule.
    • License information
    Product: Fusion

    Any help is appreciated.

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  2. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    You will need someone to look into your config and cron.
  3. Johnboy

    Johnboy New Member

    Thanks for the response.

    I have someone looking into it but what are they supposed to be looking for? The cron is supposedly set up correctly.

    Also, what does the red background resemble? (see image)

    These are tickets that should be closed. Could this be some sort of conflict?


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