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Discussion in 'Implemented and closed suggestions' started by elephant, May 21, 2005.

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  1. elephant

    elephant New Member

    Note from Kayako staff: Please note that this discussion is out of date (it was started in 2005). We are currently revisiting the request, and will reopen this thread once we have feedback.

    Since we have WYSIWYG editor for KB articles, when inserting these HTML KBs into a ticket, it shows the HTML code.

    Should the WYSIWYG editor be an option for the ticket area? And then I suppose the next question should the ticket history be shown in HTML.
  2. Varun Shoor

    Varun Shoor Chief Kayaker Staff Member

    We are trying to avoid providing a WYSIWYG editor for Tickets module. That when combined with HTML emails have caused nothing but problems for our clients.

    Issues which relate to Formatting of incoming email, Stripping of Code etc. I was thinking of perhaps making the system strip the tags out of Knowledgebase Articles.

    Let me know your suggestions, we will follow the best path on this based on user feedback.


    Varun Shoor
  3. Olate

    Olate New Member

    I agree. There is really no need to format ticket responses with a WYSIWYG editor as it just adds an extra headache when getting rid of the tags for non-HTML e-mails.
  4. elephant

    elephant New Member

    So we might need something that converts HTML style KB articles back into text.
  5. Olate

    Olate New Member

    That isn't needed with the current setup afaik because they are never sent out or displayed in an unformatted style.
  6. alansp

    alansp New Member

    I do feel that when you reply to tickets, having to enter html codes for next paragraphs, and bolding, italics could be a problem for all of our sales guys, this should have a work around.
  7. Raul-Lopez

    Raul-Lopez New Member

    Please include the WYSIWYG editor for Tickets module . As optional , if it optional i dont see any problem to include it. A lot of customers of Kayako want WYSIWYG editor for Tickets module . Plz consider reinclude it for the kayako v3 final
  8. New Member

    Include an editor

    I would suggest including the editor...
    I cannot imagine 1/2 the guys using this system having to learn code just to use it.

    You could always make this an option to turn on/off per staff member.
  9. IanWild

    IanWild New Member

    I'd support BB code for this, but you can't have something in the code that will break when used with HTML emails, even if it is optional.

  10. Raul-Lopez

    Raul-Lopez New Member

    I want the same as :

    "Enable WYSIWYG Editor
    This Option allows you to Enable/Disable the WYSIWYG editor for Creation or Editing of Knowledgebase Articles"

    but for Tickets

    "Enable WYSIWYG Editor
    This Option allows you to Enable/Disable the WYSIWYG editor for Creation or Editing of Tickets"

    Best solution for all customers i think.
  11. mital

    mital New Member

    i think if kb has wysiwyg then ticket reply should have same cuz converting the html to text is really non-understanding thing as it does not have proper formatting when it is a full page article.

    rather to do that if there is option to push link only for kb then it would be really good for reply or creating new ticket from staff.

    can anyone help on this ?
  12. Raul-Lopez

    Raul-Lopez New Member

    Any news? where are Kayako stuff? should say something, we dont want wait for this.
  13. mital

    mital New Member

    no news on this yet updated.. i think kayako staff is really busy with commercial stuffs.

    i received my ticket reply after 4 days saying they are facing some delays replying but after week it will be recovered.
  14. Raul-Lopez

    Raul-Lopez New Member

    I think kayako finally will include the option of use or no the editor in the tickets module. Is the best solution for all .
  15. Neil-UKWSD

    Neil-UKWSD Kayako Guru


    The WYSIWYG editor will not be added into the tickets module at all, this caused numerous issues in v2 with formatting, replies not going out and blank replies due to break lines.
  16. Raul-Lopez

    Raul-Lopez New Member

    Only if complex html is used . The WYSIWYG editor wil be added as optional function . ask to Hiren . Thanks
  17. Neil-UKWSD

    Neil-UKWSD Kayako Guru


    Varun said last night it will not be added back in at all, not even with an option to enable/disable it.
  18. Raul-Lopez

    Raul-Lopez New Member

    I cant understand nothing

    "As I earlier mentioned, due to the issues we had in version 2, WYSIWYG editor was not added completely in version 3. But due to numerous request we received from our clients, we shall add the editor as an optional feature in the later releases of version 3. Our existing priority is to release v3 Gold version only after which we shall be deciding in which version we shall be adding this feature.


    Hiren Mehta"

    What problem to make it optional, if i lost emails is my problem not kayako problem. i assume the responsability of use editor .
  19. Szimnau

    Szimnau Member

    I miss an editor inside the tickets, I understand the arguments for not having this, but then again it makes life a lot easier…Normally when we respond to support cases in Outlook, we highlight certain parts, or integrates png images into our answers, and overall most of our customers needs to have answers served in such a manner…

    So please integrate this… By the way a good editor is - is fairly proven and we use it in our solutions a lot.

    Rolf Szimnau
  20. Varun Shoor

    Varun Shoor Chief Kayaker Staff Member

    Hi Rolf/Others,
    There is a good reason why we didnt add this in v3, It caused way too many problems than it solved. Some of more popular issues were:

    1) Blank Emails due to Outlook screwing up with the HTML
    2) Problems with Break Lines
    3) Problems with Formatting for emails.

    We are thinking of adding up BB Tags to replicate the limited functionality but WYSIWYG will not be added into the Tickets area in near future.


    Varun Shoor
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