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TinyMCE relative URL problem

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by nibb, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    Another Kayako ugly bug.

    When you are creating knowledgebase content and you insert images, you specify the url of the image, and it loads the image. All fine except that when you save the Article and go to the article all images are broke.


    Because it someone messes all the url of the images to:

    It doesnt matter how many times you fix it, even if you edit the whole HTML code and fix it, Kayako will break the images url/path on each saving.

    It takes you 10 minutes to create a FAQ but 45 getting the images to show. Im starting to reconsider putting so much work and content into this system so that when a new updates comes it breaks almost everything. Not even basic things work. This is delaying me like hours and hours, who is going to pay me back the time im losing with Kayako? I could just use Wordpress and make beautiful tutorials in the first try. And whats funny is that I even got a renewal support email from Kayako today. I thought it was a bad joke. Not in a millions years I will the renewal until a patch/upgrade is out that fixes the system to being stable.

    Im sorry but this is not the way a business works. I have 0 support from Kayako, all my tickets are opened without a fix and there are no updates since last year, so whats the renewal for I may ask?
  2. simond

    simond Established Member

    That's not a Kayako bug, it's a setting in the TinyMCE Javascript file.

    I've changed ours to:

    convert_urls:0; relative_urls:0
  3. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    I see, but Kayako did not saw that coming?

    I mean it will not accept urls from the same domain.

    I use an alias and it works ok. This is extremely stupid, considering you would upload images to your own server for using in a content tutorial.

    Found the .js file going to test your change.
  4. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    I changed that setting in all files I could find in:

    And it still has the same issue.
  5. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    Did I mention the same happens with links? I can be SURE this was not the case in v3.

    Something is broken in the WYSIWYG editor.

    Can someone please help? There is no way I can just edit the code directly because even pasting HTML directly will not work, it will break all paths/links the same way.
  6. simond

    simond Established Member

    Did you clear out your browser cache, and that of the support site itself?
  7. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    Yes I did.

    Are you sure thats the editor for content faqs? Maybe TinyMCE is for news.

    I dont noticed any difference at all. When you open a the pop up that edits an image or a link, and then put the correct one, click save, it doesnt change anything at all. Same when you paste the full html code corrected, its like Tiny had some cache. Its of course a javascript or something else that is reverting back all urls when you click the "Update" button.

    I checked those settings are changed in only 2 files:

    In those to I changed both of the values you posted to 0 and uploaded to server several times. I even tested on several browsers and nothing.
  8. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    OK I worked. It seems clearing cache doesnt do the trick either as the whole editor seems to be loaded in a ajax side, not sure why but I went directly on the edit, right click and hit reload, and then it starts to load the new editor. I could replicate the same error in all browsers, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and I cleared the cache on all of them before.
  9. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

  10. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    I solved this myself thanks to the user instructions. I guess you will ship this options to 0 as default now.

    You know why Kayako doesnt detect this small little bugs?

    Because you happen not to use your own software. This is something which is amazing from any company. Its like if do a software for backups, sell it but I dont use it myself, I use another one from another company. It means I have little faith on my own product.

    It happens that Kayako as a company doesnt use their own software, and this is the reason nobody noticed this. All the Kayako wiki is on another software which is not Kayako Fusion. All the bug tracking is also on another software and for remote support you even use TeamViewer.

    Not a single page of the manual is made in Kayako v4, otherwise if you had made the support content for the product Kayako itself on Kayako the first you would had noticed is that you cannot attach images to the FAQ content.

    Now honestly Jamie this tells allot about the software itself. Not even Kayako Inc of Kayako Infotech uses Kayako !!!!

    Help page for "Ratings" help:

    Ratings - Kayako Fusion, Resolve and Engage - Kayako Wiki

    There are is a nice text with images that explains the product. And it happens to run in Atlassian Confluence, not in Kayako v4.

    So that's why you dont noticed this small bugs, like you cannot insert images on the editor !!!

    One of the first things a company that makes software should do to find bugs, and to see what is missing as well what is the best for the GUI and features, is to use their own product. Something which Kayako obviously doesn't!

    Im more disappointing each day from Kayako, and im starting to see where the problem is. Its not the programming, its the whole company management that is wrong. From staff internal communication, to client communication, to development, to schedules, to internal practices.

    The only thing Kayako is doing correctly and it happens to invest to much time (in my personal opinion), is marketing, they market and market their product each day, blogs, twitter, facebook, new website, etc, instead of investing all this time into believing into its own product and developing it.

    I happen to have received private PMs from other customers suggesting me other helpdesk, even here on the own kayako forums, and other places, and I happen to have spoken to at least 20 persons that dropped kayako as helpdesk since v4 is out. Im still hanging around, but this whole company needs to reshaped if you alll want to maintain your jobs. Their are helpdesks as we speak that do everything Kayako does and more, and it happens to do them correctly, that means their features actually work, all of them.

    You do happen to have good intentions Jamie, but im not sure who is in the heads of Kayako or management, because they seem to be taken to much vacations or are just are terrible at their jobs. And please forum moderators dont delete this post, because I did noticed you did deleted similar posts I made which once again shows bad practices, because you can delete here topics to control favor opinions for Kayako, but that makes things just worst, because you cannot delete public opinions from the product on other forums, and that is exactly what people are going to do. At least 3 topics of my where deleted, or at least I could not find them anymore just because I complained to much. Just like this topic was edited in their titles to "TinyMCE relative URL problem" from nasty bug or something similar which was the original title, because I did not knew it was TinyMCE causing it.

    If you want to have a better public opinion on the forum, just A) Fix the product and turn customer disappointment into satisfaction or B) Close the forums and make it private to clients only

    Yes I do complain to much, but because im still sticking around. And I do happen to have invested to much time, money and development into the product to start a new migration into a new product. But im just tried of reading and reading news and post about things that will come and wil be fixed. We need action, not words. This seems to be the opinion of most customers that tried v4 so far.

    I still think Kayako v4 will eventually be an amazing platform, but 2011 will be critical, not only for the product but I think for the whole company.
  11. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    We do use our own software - we have one of the largest desks among all of our customers. The reason why this bug was missed is because like all others that are missed, we didn't have test coverage for it during our Q&A cycle. We do now.

    Just because the manual has not been produced using the knowledgebase module does not mean that we do not use our software. We wanted a collaborative documentation environment to produce a technical manual. A knowledgebase suite, comprised of a series of KB articles, is not geared towards or designed for this purpose.

    For all intents and purposes, Kayako Inc and Kayako Infotech are one and the same, and our central helpdesk is https://my.kayako.com

    The vast majority of our time and resources is spent on our products. Aside from our website, we do almost no persistently active marketing - it is almost all passive.

    Your numbers do not tally with our own observations, and we are well placed to track them. We also haven't forced everyone to move to Kayako 4, so I am not sure why the release of Kayako 4 would suddenly cause people to 'drop Kayako'.

    Within reason, almost anything goes on this forum. The other moderators who are not part of the Kayako staff will probably attest to this. Two or three of your posts have been removed from other people's threads by myself. This was not because of the content of them specifically, but the fact that you have posted the same stuff on multiple occasions previously. We hear your feedback - we don't need cross-posting :)

    I'd go with the latter... ;) [/humour]

    The original title was "Another bug", which wasn't helpful for people who come to the forum to look up similar problems, or for people like me who track active threads. I changed the title to describe what the post was about.

    Actually, the overwhelming of new and upgrading Kayako 4 customers do not share your opinions - but that is because not everyone runs into the same issues. That doesn't mean we do not acknowledge the issues you have reported, and we are fixing them. We won't disappoint!

    As this is another thread which has gone very much off course, I will close it as a solution has been provided and it has been logged in our project tracker.

    Thanks for your feedback.
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