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    API responses including the "notifications" stanza are displayed to a user.

    For example, when changing the text of priority label in the non-enterprise plan, you receive the following along with the 402 FEATURE_NOT_AVAILABLE error.

    "notifications": [
          "type": "ERROR",
          "message": "Sorry, Custom case priorities feature is not available on your current Kayako plan. Ask your administrator to upgrade to get access to this feature",
          "sticky": false
    The "sorry" message is displayed in a toaster to a user.

    Given the power of triggers & automation, is there anything that would block the suggestion and possible feature request, that a trigger be able to generate such a notification as an output action?

    For example, if I have a trigger for the following.

    Rule 1: "Case Update Events: Current User's Role Type", "Not equal to", "Customer"
    Rule 2: "Cases: Type", "Equal to", "Major incident"
    Rule 3: "Cases: RCA State" (custom case field), "Not equal to", "Complete"
    Rule 4: "Cases: Status", "Changed to", "Complete"

    Action 1: "Case: Status", "Revert to original"
    Action 2: "Notify in browser", Type = "ERROR", Message = "You cannot transition a major incident to complete until the RCA is completed"

    You can notify via email to the user or team, but not per Action 2 above.

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