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Completed Two-factor authentication (2fa, OTP)

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by GKRAMER, Nov 24, 2012.


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    GKRAMER Established Member


    I would be interested in 2 factor auth for login, on the admin login at least. A lot of websites are using this now, so people know what do.

    Anybody else interested in this idea, or is working in security making me over cautious?

  2. alvaro.madrid

    alvaro.madrid Established Member

  3. Jim Susoy

    Jim Susoy New Member

    I would like to see this as an option for all login access including customers. Many of our customers are requesting this feature.
  4. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi all

    We do have plans to implement two-factor authentication in one of the next major updates to Kayako. We'll keep you posted!
  5. Paul Stewart

    Paul Stewart New Member

    Authy is a great system for plugging into existing sites.
  6. SteveLV702

    SteveLV702 Kayako Guru

    I would love to see it too and also would like to see it work nicely with WHMCS 2 Factor Authenticaiton with loginshare cause currently right now any customer that has 2 factor authentication on in whmcs is unable to login to their help desk account.
  7. iandb

    iandb Member

    Sorry if this has been asked before

    Any way we can have this?
  8. Sparksolves

    Sparksolves New Member

    Feature request: Providing at least a two factor password reset for the admin/staff accounts on Kayako hosted. For example using a cell phone number on file and sending a text to verify reset request...

    Perhaps an additional option within the my.kayako.com besides creating a ticket to reset the account (setting the ticket to critical) and then still taking forever to receive a response say like over the weekend. hmmm
  9. h8stn4d

    h8stn4d New Member

    Any update on two-factor authentication in Kayako? Is it coming soon?
  10. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    In the next major update to Kayako ("Kayako 5"). Unfortunately I cannot provide a ETA on that, but keep an eye on the forums and blog :)
  11. Pretecs

    Pretecs New Member

  12. jnet

    jnet Reputed Member

    Must have +1
  13. GRV

    GRV Member

    I agree this is long overdue. When Godaddy has text sms verify and Kayako still has nothing, its a concern about lacking a pretty basic integration of a code snippet. Google Authenticator, Duo, number of alternatives and I am surprised that this not yet a priority.
  14. Aaron Eaton

    Aaron Eaton New Member

    Ditto, News?
  15. dheremans

    dheremans Member

    When? I requested this 5+ years ago, and it was promised back then (v4 was gonna magically fix EVERYTHING).
  16. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

  17. sergioag

    sergioag Member

    Jamie, considering that this forum is about Kayako V4 (aka Kayako Classic), it is a very bad joke to say that this is "completed" when it's available in Kayako V5 which is cloud-only. So all of us, who won't migrate to V5, are left in the dark in regard to this important security feature.
  18. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi sergioag,
    I understand that if you can't upgrade to the new Kayako and to the cloud, that's frustrating - I'm sorry about that. However, most of our on-premise customers do have an ability to upgrade, and if following these threads would be interested in the new capabilities.
  19. sergioag

    sergioag Member

    It seems fair to comment about the capabilities, I agree that it's important for customers to know that a functionality is available in the new platform. However, setting this feedback/suggestion, among others, to "COMPLETED" doesn't seem right, because this forum is about Kayako V4, not the new one.

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