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Undefined index notices when using Staff CPanel with custom language

Discussion in 'Language packs' started by gcuentas_, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. gcuentas_

    gcuentas_ New Member


    We are using Kayako 4.78.1. Everything works fine, but if we log in to the Staff CP with Spanish as language, and afterwards send a ticket reply, we got some PHP notices:

    Undefined index: ticketdetails (./__swift/cache/7486b0184a841a33d6e482e30ff784c3.php:40)
    Undefined index: articketid (./__swift/cache/7486b0184a841a33d6e482e30ff784c3.php:43)
    Undefined index: ardepartment (./__swift/cache/7486b0184a841a33d6e482e30ff784c3.php:46)
    Undefined index: artype (./__swift/cache/7486b0184a841a33d6e482e30ff784c3.php:49)
    Undefined index: arstatus (./__swift/cache/7486b0184a841a33d6e482e30ff784c3.php:52)
    Undefined index: arpriority (./__swift/cache/7486b0184a841a33d6e482e30ff784c3.php:55)

    What's going wrong? And how can we avoid this?

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