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Unwrapped ticket posts

Discussion in 'Style and design' started by Phil R, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Phil R

    Phil R Established Member

    Due to some very very long lines in tickets we receive, which mainly relate to log files (stack traced are also a favourite), we see many lines that do not wrap automatically, as there is no word break in the line.

    This means we get horizontal scroll bars on a frequent basis, and this breaks usability significantly.

    The textarea for reply starts to scroll off screen, which makes it hard to review a reply.

    Any draft reply also does the same.

    Ticket notes, billing, pretty much all elements, including the readability of any other replies in the tickets.

    Is there are way to style the page, such that each DIV container for each reply is bound within it's own scroll area?

    i.e. horizontal scrolling still occurs, but the scrollbars are located within each DIV element that cannot be wrapped automatically.
  2. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    In mine, that's apparently covered by the CSS rule: .ticketpostcontentsdetailscontainer
    The rule is supposed to "break words" (word-wrap: break-word; ) instead of one long string. You might try adding custom CSS about overflow like "
    overflow-x: scroll;" to the custom CSS file.
    overflow-x: scroll !important;
    Of course, you should test. :)

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