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Discussion in 'Implemented and closed suggestions' started by Casey E, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Casey E

    Casey E Member

    I would like to see the ticket statuses pages in the wiki updated: http://wiki.kayako.com/display/DOCS/Ticket statuses

    Specifically, this attribute:

    Status Color: Enter the Color Code you would like to associate with this Status.

    This doesn't really tell me anything, and after I change it, I am struggling to find what has actually changed. It would be nice to know where this updates the color.
  2. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    Hi Casey

    Thanks, I've passed on your feedback. We'll clarify it
  3. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Kayako Staff Staff Member


    This changes the color of the text ( first box ) and the background color of the cell ( second box ).

    You will see this change in the ticket view lists, and if you go into the ticket, the entire "main bar" will match the color of the background color you set on the status.

  4. Casey E

    Casey E Member

    Hi Gary,

    I get the background color part - that makes sense and is working fine. However, when I change Status Color, I don't see any change anywhere except for in the Admin > Tickets > Statuses page.

    I would have expected this text color to apply to Staff CP > Tickets > Manage, or somewhere in there, but it doesn't seem to be applying there.

    Perhaps I am using an older version or something?
  5. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Kayako Staff Staff Member

    It does update the text color on mine, take a look at the screen shot, I made the status background black, and then changed the text color to light blue.


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  6. Casey E

    Casey E Member

    Ahh ok. My view did not have a statuses column, which I why I was not seeing the changes.


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