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Upgrade from 4.59 to 4.7 - disregard

Discussion in 'Installation and setup (Kayako Classic Download)' started by sws, May 27, 2015.

  1. sws

    sws Established Member

    Running through the upgrade process fails at what appears to be the template stage.
    The page just goes blank aside from the top black bar.

    The log file shows the following.

    Any ideas what is causing it or how to rectify before I decide to revert.

    SWIFT - 27 May 2015 08:56:24 PM
    Router: index.php?/Core/Upgrade/StepProcessor

    Router: index.php?/Core/Upgrade/StepProcessor
    array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array (./__swift/apps/base/library/Language/class.SWIFT_LanguageManager.php:540)

    I swapped out a section of code around that line with the previous version and it finished the upgrade, so far everything appears to be fine, aside from I had 4 copies of each language which I just cleaned up. Of course, I am still checking over things but at least it allowed the upg to complete.
    Last edited: May 27, 2015
  2. Gurpreet Singh Sethi

    Gurpreet Singh Sethi Staff Member


    Could you please let me know the PHP version and steps you used to perform this upgrade. This will give us insight for what went wrong with the upgrade process.


    Gurpreet Singh
  3. sws

    sws Established Member

    Hi Gurpreet,

    PHP Version: 5.4.16

    I followed an upgrade guide here, but I have done upgrades numerous times over the years, so it was just to refresh my memory:
    https://kayako.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DOCS/Upgrading your helpdesk
    • Backed up everything
    • Moved all original fusion files from httpdocs to a temp folder
    • Uploaded new files from 4.70 download
    • Edited the config file, uploaded the key and changed permissions (as per guide)
    • I then ran the upgrade procedure (tried a few times)

    The process would run to what appeared to be the "Template stage" or at least that was the last thing shown before the page went blank. Checking the logs each time would reveal the same issue posted above.

    To allow me to finish the upgrade, I replaced lines 514 through 560 in the file class.SWIFT_LanguageManager.php with the same block of code from the previous version files I had.


    514: foreach ($_installedAppList as $_appName) {
    560: }



    For what it's worth, its working ok, no issues to report.
    Last edited: May 28, 2015
  4. Jeff1985

    Jeff1985 New Member

    I encountered the same problem today. The actual problem is that the glob() function used in class.SWIFT_LanguageManager.php returns FALSE instead of an array under certain conditions (see
    http://php.net/glob ). In particular, this will happen especially with php installations running with open_basedir restrictions. So a temporary fix is to disable open_basedir in php config for the time of upgrading.

    I reported this bug to kayako support and developers today.

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