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Using Kayako Desktop on Windows RDS Server for VDI

Discussion in 'Kayako Desktop' started by frankbackes, Apr 19, 2016.


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  1. frankbackes

    frankbackes Established Member


    I'm wondering if it's possible to have Kayako Desktop installed on an Windows RDS Server, so every user can have it's own instance of Kayako Desktop when they connect to RDS. I remember long time ago that a support technician of Kayako told me that this is not possible (at that moment but that's quite some time ago a few years), because some files are installed in the root folder and not in the profile folder so they would be in common with all useres what could easily lead to corruption.

    Is there anybody using Kayako Desktop this ways and has experience? It would be really great to have this working as it would enable larger service desks spread across the world to only have to login to the RDS Server and they have all their tools without having to store any information localy what makes it easier for backup and what reduces traffic aswell as latency. It would also increase overall security.

    In case nobody has implemented this yet and it's not yet possible, dear Kayako, would it be possible to have this feature included?


  2. frankbackes

    frankbackes Established Member


    Is nobody seeing my post or isn't there simply andbody using it this way?


  3. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi there,

    I don't think anyone has implemented it that way, technically KD uses some shared data, but the new way RDS isolates programs would mean that it would potentially work regardless of that, it would need to be tested to know for sure

  4. frankbackes

    frankbackes Established Member

    Hi, I just installed Kayako Desktop on our RDS 2k12r2 and at the launch of the Application I get this entry in the log:
    07/07/2016 14:45:12 Connection manager failed to initialize; no account information saved?
    07/07/2016 14:46:59 Login to 'USER' failed!
    Reason: The permissions on the application folder are misconfigured on the server.
    07/07/2016 14:47:00 Successfully started VoIP service.

    I switched the server to install mode before installing and switched back to execute only after having configured a profile in KD.

    Do you see what permissions could be wrong?


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