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Using Kayako with exchange 365 shared mailbox?

Discussion in 'Kayako Desktop' started by DCC Supplies, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. DCC Supplies

    DCC Supplies Member

    I am migrating from our current mailserver to Exchange365 and have been testing Kayako mail queues with exchange.
    I can successfully send/receive mail via a full Exchange account, but have problems with a shared Exchange mailbox.

    Using the credentials: user@domain.com\shared_account_alias
    and the password: user_password via SSL/TLS will send & receive mail from the exchange shared account using Thunderbird, but using identical credentials with Kayako does not collect mail.
    The Kayako verify connection test passes all tests, but reports 0 emails (I verified there are [unread] emails in the account).

    To save my sanity, has anyone configured Kayako to work with exchange365 shared mailboxes successfully?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi there,

    An exchange 365 shared mailbox is not a "real" mailbox, it does not have for example a username and password to login to. Typically to access such mailboxes, you need to first login to the 365 server using your own login, and then using send as permissions, open the shared mailbox.

    Kayako is only designed to use actual mailboxes, so you would need to convert your shared mailbox into an actual mailbox, which will then allow direct login using username/password

  3. DCC Supplies

    DCC Supplies Member

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for the reply, I'm becoming more puzzled, as I also opened a ticket on this, and was advised to setup using the 'actual' mailbox as a queue, and the shared mailboxes as pipes (see reply below). I 've not had the opportunity to try this yet so can't comment on success etc.

    However, it doesn't explain how Thunderbird can send & receive email from a shared mailbox using POP3 or IMAP with the login credentials I posted earlier. Isn't the protocol the same regardless? Using telnet I can also connect to the exchange servers IP port using these same credentials, once the correct login credentials are used, the mailbox looks /acts just like a regular one.

    It just seems to be Kayako which has problems. As I explained, the Kayako email test successfully logs on, but reports zero mail, although there are unread mails to collect, so it appears that it's the collection process which isn't being handled right.

    FYI Reply to ticket:
    Please be advised that you would require to insert the main email account i.e. 'helpdesk@xxxxxxxx' with Mailbox as 'POP3/IMAP' (SSL/TLS) in the helpdesk from 'Admin CP >> Email Parser >> Email Queues >> General'. Then, make sure that the option 'Ignore recipient addresses and force into queue' is selected as 'No' under 'Admin CP >> Email Parser >> Email Queues >> POP3/IMAP >> Ignore recipient addresses and force into queue'.

    After this, you may configure your other shared email accounts with Mailbox type option selected as Pipe in the helpdesk. This would cause helpdesk to fetch the emails from your mail email account and then distribute those to different emails queues based upon their destination email addresses.
  4. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi there,

    The pipe method would work, as when checking for mail it should find the shared mailbox. But from my experience when using shared mailboxes, when you have to access them using pop3 or IMAP, its much more stable and reliable when they are actual mailboxes. I know above you stated it worked with Thunderbird, and honestly I do not understand that at all, shared mailboxes literally have no username or password, its actually impossible to log into them directly. ( this is done on purpose by Microsoft, as shared mailboxes are free, actual mailboxes are paid, if you could just use a shared mailbox like a normal user, no one would be purchasing a actual mailbox )

  5. DCC Supplies

    DCC Supplies Member

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks again. I will try the pipe method. As to payment of the shared mailbox, that's why it's attractive ;)
    The login process uses the NT domain authorisation syntax, so logging in using an authorised username followed by a '\' and the shared mailbox name and the authorised users password does work - usually....

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