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V4 Big Screen Ticket Monitoring

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by DeanV, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. DeanV

    DeanV Established Member

    Hello Everyone :)

    I have put together this module that replicates the version 3 big screen ticket monitoring module.

    While it doesn't contain exactly the same settings as the original it does do the majority of it and should meet most peoples needs.

    I will be releasing updates for this in the future but figured what I currently have is enough to make the initial release.

    Version 1.1
    • Updated the select statement to not rely on an organization to be set (thanks to souceklibor). This should result in fixing not seeing all the tickets for some of the people who were having that issue.
    • Updated the where clause so that if no departments or ticket statuses or staff groups are selected in the settings the script assumes that all tickets regardless of their department or status or staff group are valid to show.
    • Added options to sort by a specified column, or none as well as he direction (ascending or descending)
    So here are the details.

    Big Screen Ticket Monitoring
    Version 1.1


    • Allows easy viewing of current ticket queue on a large screen / TV.
    • Customizable settings to see the data that matters to you.
    • Customizable style to fit your companies / personal branding.
    • A Standalone page (with URL) for viewing the list outside of Kayako.
    • Easy to install.
    • Column Sorting.

    Below is an image with the settings and a description of each one.

    Branding Customization:
    There is a CSS file that comes with the module which you can edit to meet your personal branding needs of the ticket list.

    It is located at : __modules/ticketlist/includes/style.css

    Here are some quick examples of what the system looks like with some sample data.
    From the staff CP

    The standalone version:
    What it looks like in the standalone version (out side of kayako)

    How to Install:

    1. Download the ticketlist.zip file attached.
    2. Extract the zip file in the __modules directory.
    3. Copy the __modules/ticketlist/themes/admin_default/ticketliststandalone.tpl to __swift/themes/admin_default folder
    4. Log into the Admin CP and go to the modules page.
    5. Select the Ticket List module.
    6. Click on Install.
    7. Visit the Ticket List -> Settings to customize it to your needs.
    8. To see the ticket list in the staff CP go to Staff CP -> Ticket List -> Show Ticket List
    9. To View the standalone version go to the above link and click on the standalone link on that page or enter this url:
    10. Enjoy.
    Know Issues:

    • When attempting to view the settings by visiting
      Admin CP -> Home tab -> Settings -> Ticket List Settings
      the settings do not load properly. To see the settings go to them using
      Admin CP -> Ticket List tab -> Settings
    Feel free to post bugs and feature requests and I will try to process them as soon as I can.

    I hope you find this useful.

    Attached Files:

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  2. Matthewh

    Matthewh Established Member

    awesome, so glad someone has done this for v4 now!
  3. Matthewh

    Matthewh Established Member

    Just installed it now and it was easy to install, sadly it is not showing any tickets at all on the list despite having a number of tickets open
  4. esowers

    esowers Established Member

    This looks great. I'll install it when I get a chance. Thanks.
  5. DeanV

    DeanV Established Member

    Hey Matthew

    Did you change the settings? What i mean by that is the module doesn't know which departments/staff groups/ticket statuses you want to show or have so by default none are selected. So you have to go into the settings and select which ones you want to show tickets for then tickets should show up in your list. :)
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  6. Matthewh

    Matthewh Established Member

    Yeap i changed the settings to my groups and users and still no tickets at all
  7. DeanV

    DeanV Established Member

    Hmm well this definatly doesn't look like my module is off to a good start :p
    Though I have installed it succefully on 2 seperate ticketing systems so I am trying to think what the issue may be.

    I am assuming that there arn't any errors that are shown, since you didn't post any.

    What would be handy is if you could tell me the settings that you have enabled, the staff groups / departments / User groups don't have to be the exact names if you don't want to share that publically just how many you have selected will do and which "tabs" from the settings are set to yes. Perhaps there is some odd combination of tabs that breaks things lol

    Also you could do this. In the __modules/ticketlist/staff/class.View_TicketList.php go to line 203 and uncomment it (delete the slashes '//' ), attempt to load the ticket list and copy the SQL statement that will be shown above the list. Then either post it here or PM it to me so I can make sure its not malformed for some reason.

    Thanks and sorry this isn't going very smoothly :(
  8. souceklibor

    souceklibor New Member

    the SQL is:
    SELECT DISTINCT T.priorityid, T.ticketmaskid, T.subject, T.ownerstaffname, O.organizationname, TS.title AS status, T.lastactivity, T.duetime, D.title AS department FROM sw4tickets AS T, sw4userorganizations AS O, sw4users AS U, sw4staff AS S, sw4ticketstatus AS TS, sw4departments AS D WHERE O.userorganizationid = U.userorganizationid AND U.userid = T.userid AND T.staffid = S.staffid AND T.ticketstatusid = TS.ticketstatusid AND D.departmentid = T.departmentid AND T.ticketstatusid IN ('1','2') AND S.staffgroupid IN ('1','2','3') AND T.departmentid IN ('1','2','3','4')
    MySQL return 0 rows :(
  9. DeanV

    DeanV Established Member

    hmm that is odd. The statement is correctly formed and it worked on my database when i tried running it.

    Some questions then for you, which could be the problem. Does your version of kayako have organizations set up where all of your users are tied to an organization?

    If not then that is most likley why it's returning no rows. I will look into making a more robust sql script generator function to prevent erros like this.

    Sorry for the inconvenince.
  10. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

    I'm Getting:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /*****/*****/public_html/support/__modules/ticketlist/staff/class.Controller_TicketList.php on line 1


    Managed to fix it by changing <?php to <? in class.Controller_TicketList.php

    Now i'm just getting 0 tickets :/

    It seems it will show the last 15 closed tickets, but nothing else :s
  11. souceklibor

    souceklibor New Member

    Hi :)
    There is "fix":
    modify the select:
     $q .= " From ".TABLE_PREFIX."tickets AS T";
    $q .= " left join ".TABLE_PREFIX."staff AS S on T.staffid = S.staffid left join ".TABLE_PREFIX."ticketstatus AS TS on T.ticketstatusid = TS.ticketstatusid left join ".TABLE_PRE
    ."departments AS D on D.departmentid = T.departmentid left join ".TABLE_PREFIX."users AS U on U.userid = T.userid left join ".TABLE_PREFIX."userorganizations as O on O.userorganizationid =
    U.userorganizationid "
    $q .= " WHERE";
    and remove
    AND S.staffgroupid IN ($_sGroups)
    $q .= " T.ticketstatusid IN ($_status) AND S.staffgroupid IN ($_sGroups) AND T.departmentid IN ($_depart)";
    Without this it show only ticket what was created by staff

    SQL is:
    SELECT DISTINCT T.priorityid, T.ticketmaskid, T.subject, T.ownerstaffname, O.organizationname, TS.title AS status, T.lastactivity, T.duetime, D.title AS department From sw4tickets AS T left join sw4staff AS S on T.staffid = S.staffid left join sw4ticketstatus AS TS on T.ticketstatusid = TS.ticketstatusid left join sw4departments AS D on D.departmentid = T.departmentid left join sw4users AS U on U.userid = T.userid left join sw4userorganizations as O on O.userorganizationid = U.userorganizationid WHERE T.ticketstatusid IN ('1','2') AND T.departmentid IN ('1','2','3','4')
  12. mctek

    mctek Member

    I think a sort option in the Settings would make this even better. It looks like current sorting is by Department by Ticket ID.

    Thanks a lot DeanV~
  13. DeanV

    DeanV Established Member

    Ok i think the issue some of you were having with seeing no tickets has been fixed (thanks to souceklibor's suggestion).
    I have also done a few other improvements as well as added the sorting options.

    If you are runing version 1.0 please download the new version (1.1) from the first post and replace all the files in your __modules/ticketlist with the new files from the zip.

    Then you need to log into the Admin Cp -> Modules -> Ticket List -> Click on upgrade and the changes should then be applied.

    Carl I am not sure why replacing <?php with <? would matter since all of Kayako's files start with <?php but i'm glad it at least a simple fix for you.

    As for your your wierd ticket results, try the new version and see if that improves your results.

    Thanks everyone for having patience with this botched first release and I hope that everything starts to run smoothly for all users.
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  14. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

    I downloaded v1.1 and got the same error, however, when i opened class.Controller_TicketList.php and pressed save (without making any changes) it works, maybe there is a BOM on the file and re-saving removes it?

    Also, it still only shows closed tickets :confused:


    Manged to fix is by commenting out lines:
    • 191 -> 197
    • 213 -> 223
    in class.Controller_TicketList.php

    For those that are having issues with tickets not appearing, i have attached my modified class.Controller_TicketList.php - hopefully it will work for you too.

    Attached Files:

  15. souceklibor

    souceklibor New Member

    I have still problem with selecting relevants ticket.
    I must comment lines 220 - 222 - the "S.staffgroupid" part.
    If it is uncomment SQL return only ticket, what create any staff but didn't return user-created.
  16. mctek

    mctek Member

    This worked for me. Before only tickets created by the selected staff group(s) were displaying.

    Thanks for the sort feature - and so quickly!
  17. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

    Just FYI, if you keep an eye on the changelog you will see Kayako are working on a native wallboard for the ticket desk so don't despaire if you cant this working! :)
  18. DeanV

    DeanV Established Member

    Hmm perhaps that is the issue my encoding of that file was wrong, i've changed it to UTF-8 without BOM and in the next update hopefully you wont have to re-save that file.

    It seems that a few people are having issues with the staffgroups option. I will be either removing it completely or if it is used I will be making it optional to set. That way then this module should be good to go out of the box :)

    No problem, i was about to put up my changes and saw your post and added sorting quickly :p
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  19. DeanV

    DeanV Established Member

    Hmm i dont see it listed but it wouldn't surprise me if they are working on one. That said I will continue to update and improve this one since its "working" now and a little competition never hurt :p
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  20. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

    :p indeed! They did say that development of their version would be taking a back seat for a while anyway, so you have filled a gap in the wallboard market :p Thanks again for this mod, its a massive help to us :)
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