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V4 Big Screen Ticket Monitoring

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by DeanV, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Stuart Gray

    Stuart Gray Member

    Thanks for the module, I have tried to install it but get a error page after clicking install. if I copy to the clipboard I get:
    Uncaught Exception
    Invalid data provided in ./__swift/library/App/class.SWIFT_App.php:17

    #0 ./__swift/apps/base/admin/class.Controller_App.php(16): SWIFT_App::RetrieveSetupDatabaseObject('ticketlist')
    #1 [internal function]: Controller_App->Install('ticketlist')
    #2 ./__swift/library/MVC/class.SWIFT_Controller.php(16): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
    #3 ./__swift/library/App/class.SWIFT_App.php(16): SWIFT_Controller::Load(Object(SWIFT_Interface), Object(SWIFT_App), Object(SWIFT_Router), false)
    #4 ./__swift/library/class.SWIFT.php(16): SWIFT_App->ExecuteController(Object(SWIFT_Router))
    #5 ./__swift/library/class.SWIFT.php(16): SWIFT->Initialize()
    #6 ./__swift/swift.php(16): SWIFT::GetInstance()
    #7 ./admin/index.php(16): require_once('/var/www/html/s...')
    #8 {main}

    Any thoughts would be great!
  2. chichonline

    chichonline New Member

    I need this module for the new Kayako versiĆ³n... any idea? thanks
  3. Peter Haas

    Peter Haas New Member

    You need to modify the code with a new variable to get it working as per this link: https://kayako.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DEV/Changes to SWIFT in 4.50
    Swap the SWIFT_MODULESDIRECTORY (which pointed to __modules/) with SWIFT_APPSDIRECTORY (which pointed to __modules/)
    Unfortunately it seem we can only use the standalone version of this with Later versions of Kayako unless someone knows or how to avoid this error coming up?:
    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function GenerateTLStaffGroupOptions() in /var/www/html/__swift/library/Settings/class.SWIFT_SettingsManager.php(310) : eval()'d code on line 4, referer: https://helpdesk.fusion.net.uk/admin/index.php?/Base/Settings/View/16
    Hope this helps
  4. Christopher Bonitz

    Christopher Bonitz New Member

    I got the new package working,
    Kayako version: Case 4.66.1

    you NEED to use Peterz version of the files (See page 5 of this forum post)
    you NEED to follow the step 3. too...
    Copy the __apps/ticketlist/themes/admin_default/ticketliststandalone.tpl to __swift/themes/__cp/templates/ folder
    it will not work with original files, too many changes has orcurred sinch last update...

    a last note, there is a issue, you cant change the settings in every browser, (i tryed Firefox, that didn't work)
    however i was able to make it into the settings with IE 11

    this is a great app, really i recomend it.
  5. juancaco

    juancaco New Member

    Hi all, I succesfully installed it to my v4.67 but only standalone works, however there is not much use for it since settings can not be updated, it only shows CLOSED tickets and that is it. Tried IE11 as suggested by Peterz but no way, did not worked.

    Any suggestions to access settings? How can it be edited by code? if at least I can change it to show OPENED tickets it may work.

    Thank you

  6. iangessey

    iangessey Established Member

    Managed to get this working based on the simple instructions above.
    Looks good and we like it.

    Just one thing - how do we alter the presentation of the data? Im looking to tweak the HTML and CSS files but cant seem to locate them in the final install.

  7. sem

    sem Member

    Had similar issue - make sure you clear the kayako cache http://yourhelpdeskurl/staff/index.php?/Core/Default/RebuildCache and do a shift+refresh on thte browser when viewing the admin area. Worked for me after this.
  8. Neil-Eastquay

    Neil-Eastquay New Member

    Hello, very late on this one, however, we really like the Ticketlist App. What we would like is the ability to run two instances of this app. A long shot but would anyone know how I could acheive this?
  9. alexkalinin

    alexkalinin New Member

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