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Completed Variables in staff replies, system messages, macros, canned responses

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by MobileNow, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    I know this was requested in version 3 already but here it goes again.

    I think to be able to use data variables from the user is a must be.

    Example. If you have a canned reply on the chat that reads "Welcome, how may I help you today?"

    You can make the canned reply with a variable like "Welcome #Name#, how may I help you today?"

    And the variable will be filled in with the name the user filled in the prechat box.

    This is specially useful for tickets where you have to manually always copy and paste the data entered on custom fields or canned replies are just to generic because they cannot use input.
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  2. Casey E

    Casey E Member

    I would like to be able to add a user email alert to my "close ticket" workflow that says:

    Dear {Name},​

    Your ticket {TicketNumber} has been closed. If this is incorrect, please reopen the ticket by following this URL and changing the ticket status to "Open".​

    Thank you,​
    {Staff Member Name}​

    I was told this isn't currently possible, but it is a feature that would be desirable.
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  3. alvaro.madrid

    alvaro.madrid Established Member

  4. alvaro.madrid

    alvaro.madrid Established Member

  5. jf.orth

    jf.orth Member

    +1 : the autoresponder mail could then, when the variables will be managed, give an estimated delay before getting an answer (between 12-24h ou less then 6 hours...)
  6. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

  7. harryjamesuk

    harryjamesuk New Member

    I think it's a good idea but a little bit long. It would usually be quicker to type their name. Something such as /clientname Or /agentname would be a lot quicker and better. Anyway, +1 for the idea ;)
  8. FrankSmith

    FrankSmith Established Member

  9. Xeserve

    Xeserve Established Member

    We need a variable like {firstname} so that we can input:

    Hello {firstname},

    For all of our macros. Here is a list of variables from Zendesk, maybe they could give you guys some ideas.
    Ticket subject.
    Ticket description.
    Full URL path to ticket (excluding "http://").
    Unique ticket ID.
    External ticket ID. Typically populated through the API.
    The source channel of the ticket - e.g. "Mail" or "Twitter".
    Ticket status.
    Ticket priority.
    Ticket type.
    Ticket group.
    Ticket due date (relevant for tickets of type Task).
    Latest comment.
    Latest public comment.
    All comments, latest first.
    All public comments, latest first.
    Help desk name.
    Ticket assignee full name (if any).
    Ticket assignee first name (if any).
    Ticket assignee last name (if any).
    Ticket requester full name.
    Ticket requester first name.
    Ticket requester last name.
    Ticket requester email.
    Ticket requester language.
    Ticket requester's phone number.
    Ticket requester external ID.
    Ticket requester organization.
    Ticket CCs.
    All tags registered on the ticket.
    Renders "true" if update is within business hours
    The value of a ticket custom field. E.g, {{ticket.ticket_field_123}}.
    For drop-down custom fields, this yields the title of the drop-down value selected (as opposed to the tag, which is what the previous placeholder yields). E.g {{ticket.ticket_field_option_title_123}}.
    Zendesk Voice inbound phone number.
    The name of the user logged in to your help desk.
    The first name of the user logged in to your help desk.
    The email address of the user logged in to your help desk.
    The organization of the user logged in to your help desk.
    The notes about the organization of the user logged in to your help desk.
    The details about the organization of the user logged in to your help desk.
    The external id of the user logged in to your help desk.
    The phone number of the user logged in to your help desk.
    Detailed information for the user logged in to your help desk.
    Notes for the user logged in to your help desk.
    The language for the user logged in to your help desk.
    The tags of the user logged in to your help desk.
    A formatted block of text prompting the user to rate satisfaction.
    The text of the current satisfaction rating.
    The text of the current satisfaction rating comment.
    A URL to rate the support positively.
    A URL to rate the support negatively.
    A URL to rate the support.
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  10. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    If Zendesk has these features (and more mentioned in your other posts), why did you move to Kayako?
    Was it a cost issue or because you can self-host with Kayako and modify the code?
  11. Xeserve

    Xeserve Established Member

    I've been a customer of Kayako since 2006 but I decided to try Zendesk just after v4 came out as I upgraded our helpdesk from v3 to v4 and v4 earlier this year was just terrible, had horrible bugs and errors that were pissing off our customers, so decided to move to Zendesk and used that for a good portion of the year. However after testing kayako again it has improved greatly since the beginning of the year and will help simplify our workflow and also provide increased integration with the ability to customize many more aspects of kayako than we could with Zendesk. In addition the monthly Zendesk fees were ridiculous, they raised their prices because they 'know' they have the best hosted helpdesk solution out there.

    In the end though Zendesk is made exclusively for huge companies, while Kayako has more recently been targeting the same market the software is still great for the smaller guys.
  12. domodo

    domodo New Member

    +1 for variables in macros. The zendesk list is pretty extensive, but my first use case thought was user's first name for a salutation. Unfortunately that wouldn't necessarily work well considering the user name field doesn't distinguish between first/last/middle names, but I think the potential is there.
  13. enrise

    enrise Established Member

  14. Palmtop

    Palmtop Member

    Absolutely needed! I was sure that this feature was in Kayako Fusion since years...instead still nothing about it... Umh....
  15. Palmtop

    Palmtop Member

  16. NotePage

    NotePage Member

    My guys wanted to be able to have dates automatically inserted into some macros that they had setup.
    Here is a simple mod to do that.

    File: __modules/tickets/staff/class.Controller_Macro.php
    Around line: 133 in the function: Get find this:
                if ($_finalDataStore['ownerstaffid'] == '-2')
                    $_finalDataStore['ownerstaffid'] = $_SWIFT->Staff->GetStaffID();
    After that add this:
                $_finalDataStore['contents'] = str_replace('%ShortDate%', date('mdy'), $_finalDataStore['contents']);
                $_finalDataStore['contents'] = str_replace('%LongDate%', date('l, F j, Y'), $_finalDataStore['contents']);
    That will allow you to use the variables %ShortDate% and %LongDate% in macros.
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  17. Mle

    Mle Established Member

    nice!! You did the hardest part, finding exactly where to put this, at least for macros. You could do almost anything else here too. I don't quite understand yet how to get the data out of Kayako using the SWIFT models so that would be the next step here.
  18. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    If it's that easy, Kayako needs to decide on a list of variables to support and insert this function ASAP so every user can deploy it.
    This is a major feature add for anyone relying on macros.
  19. NotePage

    NotePage Member

    The problem is that the macro function doesn't know what the current ticket is. Things that are available system wide like the date is easy. There would need to be more changes to other modules to force the system to pass the ticket id into the macro function.

    I'll have a quick go at it if you guys want.

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