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Completed Variables in staff replies, system messages, macros, canned responses

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by MobileNow, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. NotePage

    NotePage Member

    Nevermind. I looked into it some. It's not straight forward to get ticket info. For starters, if you are creating a new ticket, there isn't a ticket yet to pull info from. In addition it would take a lot of javascript and familiarity with jQuery, both of which I'm not all that great at. I could probably access the current staff member's info, but I don't see much use for that.
  2. DCC Supplies

    DCC Supplies Member

    +1 bump.
    More than useful in workflows and would be a great feature all-round.
  3. Adrian1

    Adrian1 New Member

  4. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

  5. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

  6. alvaro.madrid

    alvaro.madrid Established Member

  7. geoffc

    geoffc New Member

    +1(*10) I don't have a JIRA login? how can i do that?

    Definitely a needed feature. (I am sure i asked about this a couple of years ago..)

    We run a single helpdesk for about 20 websites, which are WhiteLabels of the same product.
    Our canned replies are in macros, in a hierarchy starting with Language (about 12 of those at top level). Most of our staff are English-speaking only, but can understand (thanks Google translate) an incoming ticket in another language and respond intelligently using canned responses in most cases.

    Each site we support hangs off a different email address and queue, and is a different 'department' in Kayako, so in the macros we sometimes have to refer to the site name, or embed URLs. We currently do like "www.XXXXXXX.com", so operator can identify where to change, and manually overtype with desired domain name. (similar other examples of other variables also).

    Ideally, we would like to see an ability, per department, to set a user-defined set of custom-variables, and then to be able to plug those variable place holders in macros, for automatic substitution.

    Then for example, when handling a ticket for department "dublinbet". We might have defined under that department custom-variables called "site-baseURL" with a value "www.dublinbet.com", and "site-fullName" with value "DublinBet Casino", "site-shortName" value "DublinBet".

    the macro might be defined with placeholders e.g .
    "Welcome to [%site-fullName%],
    Please go to http://[%site_baseURL%]/help/promotions.html to review our great promotions.
    [%site-shortName%] Support"

    and those are automagically substituted when macro is loaded in reply.

    Needed! urgently!

  8. HankR

    HankR New Member

    What geoffc said, or like Meg Ryan to Billy Crystal.. "yes. Yes! YESSSSSSS!!!!!"

    An ad-hoc collection of key-value pairs for macro substitution would be hot stuff, and should be relatively simple to implement.

    It has been years and 4 pages of +1's... any word on this?
  9. Atomixn

    Atomixn New Member

    +1 much needed and wanted feature!
  10. ilhan Kuzgun

    ilhan Kuzgun New Member

  11. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    This is likely another feature-add request that cannot be implemented until a v5 rewrite.
  12. Alex Saavedra

    Alex Saavedra Member

    Definitely needed. I saw this feature in at least a couple other ticketing systems.
  13. ilhan Kuzgun

    ilhan Kuzgun New Member

    Hello all,
    We have source code licence for kayako, we develeoped this feature already.
    We can help you.
  14. neonardo

    neonardo Member

  15. afza123

    afza123 Member

    what about this solutions...years are past..is there such a function in kayako now?
    many heldesks are using this functionality.
  16. neonardo

    neonardo Member

    You might as well forget ever getting this. Kayako doesn't care about what customers want, they care about what they want, which doesn't reflect what most of their customers want. I'd highly recommend looking at other solutions if you haven't purchased Kayako yet. Sadly, most of us here are stuck and have no other choice for the time being.
  17. afza123

    afza123 Member

    hi neonardo,

    thanks for your reply. I think, i will leave kayako for the following reasons:
    It is not possible to:
    - Canned Responses in any way (only over macros?)
    - Macros with Variables
    - Email Templates with custom fields
    - Workflows in combination with businesshours
    - Backend is not translateable

    It is realy frustrating. Which solution (Software) do you get?
    PN me if you are not allowed to post here your recommendatin.

    Thanks alot and have a nice day.
  18. Alex Saavedra

    Alex Saavedra Member

    I just switched to Kayako from a legacy system, and I am a Kayako enthusiast.

    In order for Kayako to support Custom Fields in Staff replies, through Quick Insert feature, an important change needs to be done in the source code. I was able to confirm recently how custom fields are created (by monitoring INSERT operations on database end), and I was quite surprised to find out the following sequence:
    1. Ticket record is first created, populating native fields (ticketid, departmentid, owner, etc.)
    2. Staff Reply is then processed.
    3. Only then are Custom Fields created.
    In other words, it is currently useless to invoke Custom Fields in the context of Staff Reply, since at the time they are required, those values are not yet available in database.

    This is a huge flaw in current design, representing a serious barrier for supporting Custom Fields in Staff Reply context. The proper sequence should be, of course:
    1. Create ticket record, populating native fields (ticketid, departmentid, owner, etc.)
    2. Populate Custom Fields.
    3. Process Staff Reply.
    I look forward for these improvements to be added in the near future, and I am convinced they are on the way. It wouldn't make sense not catching up with almost every other ticketing system around, since most of them support Custom Fields for canned responses, out of the box.
  19. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Unless v5 code addresses this flaw and includes dozens of other improvements and fixes requested for YEARS, many former enthusiasts will be moving on to other solutions.
    What K does well is wonderful, but what K fails to do or does incorrectly is truly senseless and unfortunately persistent.
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