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Wallboard Module for V4 by Dewak

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by Andres Berdugo - Dewak, Apr 1, 2011.


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  1. sem

    sem Member

    Hi guys. Kayako 4.69.0 - this looks brilliant but.... overdue tickets are wrong. The settings are set for open, in progress and on hold. Graphs draw fine. But I set overdue tickets to list 7 - yet if I check on the helpdesk by logging in, there are only 4 overdue tickets in total. So the criteria for determining overdue must be wrong? Also, new tickets - surely this should just be the latest X new tickets? It's not. It picks up tickets that are In Progress etc.

    It looks really promising btw. mark
  2. rmngomes

    rmngomes New Member

    I´ve installed Wallboard with no problems but now i´ve 403 Forbidden.
    What should i check?

    Permissions are: 644 for wallboard folder (i´ve tried with 755 before and the error was 500 Internal)

    Kayako 4.66.2

  3. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

    It's clearly a permissions issue. Make sure the "wallboard" folder has exactly the same permissions, owner and group of the other folders inside apps (tickets, knowledgebase, news, etc...)
    To verify this use ls with long listing
    [root@localhost /]# ls -l
  4. rmngomes

    rmngomes New Member

    I´ve just check this (and changed to 755), the error now is 500 Internal Server Error.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

    What's the wallboard URL?
  6. rmngomes

    rmngomes New Member

    Can i send you an email with that?
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2015
  7. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

  8. rmngomes

    rmngomes New Member

    You got mail ;)

  9. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

    Got it, Rui. Our devs will review it later and get back to you in a couple hours.
  10. rmngomes

    rmngomes New Member

    Thank you very much Andres for your support.

  11. 'Darryl'

    'Darryl' New Member

    Morning All,
    I have just discovered (In my inherited Kayako Helpdesk) that we have Kayako Wallboard by Dewak installed as an application.
    I have checked http://MYURL/__apps/wallboard/library/Dewak/index.php link and all it shows me is new tickets / overdue tickets.
    There is no settings page or anything to add more dashboards. Is this a simple thing to do in a GUI or is it development work?
    Best Regards
  12. achu

    achu New Member

    I try logging into the demo site but the site is down. Do you have another demo site?

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