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What is Markup?

Discussion in 'Technical chat' started by shalini01, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. shalini01

    shalini01 New Member

    XML is known as markup language, which defines some types of rules that can be easily understood by human or machine to encode XML document. So here, whatever information is added to the XML document, it can be kept with some rules that define different labels for information. We can also call the set of symbols that used to store information.

    If you want more just look here. XML Tutorial
  2. ponam287

    ponam287 New Member

    Markup is a symbol or character that you insert at certain place in a text file. This represents how the file should look (bold, italic, link, etc) when it is printed in your browser.
    Also the markup indicators are often called "tags."
  3. Gilberto84

    Gilberto84 New Member

    How ponam's says, it is a set of tags assigned to elements of a text to indicate their relation to the rest of the text or dictate how they should be displayed, I hope we have clarified your doubt :')

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