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When answering a Chat request we get Error : Warning: Event type 7 was not processed. Error messa

Discussion in 'Kayako Desktop' started by Mark Anderson, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Mark Anderson

    Mark Anderson New Member

    For some reason out Chat system has stopped working. Here are the symptoms;

    When a customer requests a Chat, we are alerted as normal, however when
    we try and answer the chat we get an error :

    Warning: Event type 7 was not processed. Error message: 'Support Staff has already accepted the chat.'

    we are logged in as 'Support Staff' and we are the ONLY person logged in and the only person to
    have answer the chat. We are not logged in elsewhere, and have not accepted the chat more than the
    one time (that generates this error)

    I had a look in the Error log and found several entries from that time:

    Router: http://firstclassdiscountair.com/support/winapp/index.php?/LiveChat/Events/Index Undefined index: dateline (./__apps/livechat/models/Chat/class.SWIFT_Chat.php:1911)

    Router: http://firstclassdiscountair.com/support/winapp/index.php?/LiveChat/Events/Index Undefined index: totalitems (./__apps/livechat/models/Chat/class.SWIFT_Chat.php:1909)

    Router: http://firstclassdiscountair.com/support/winapp/index.php?/LiveChat/Events/Index Undefined offset: 0 (./__apps/livechat/models/Chat/class.SWIFT_Chat.php:1909)

    So, I tried to rebuild the cache, and got very similar errors:

    Router: http://firstclassdiscountair.com/support/admin/index.php?/Base/Diagnostics/RebuildCache Undefined index: dateline (./__apps/livechat/models/Chat/class.SWIFT_Chat.php:1911)

    Router: http://firstclassdiscountair.com/support/admin/index.php?/Base/Diagnostics/RebuildCache Undefined index: totalitems (./__apps/livechat/models/Chat/class.SWIFT_Chat.php:1909)

    Router: http://firstclassdiscountair.com/support/admin/index.php?/Base/Diagnostics/RebuildCache Undefined offset: 0 (./__apps/livechat/models/Chat/class.SWIFT_Chat.php:1909)

    We have not made any recent changes or upgrades, so this appears to have just started for no apparent reason, I would appreciate any and all help to get this fixed. At the moment we cannot answer any chats.


    Mark Anderson
  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Mark,

    It looks to me like maybe some language phrases have had issues, can you submit a ticket to support.kayako.com ?

    as I think we will need to login to your database to see whats happened, it might be your MySQL has a crashed table if nothing was changed.


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