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WHMCS to KAYAKO Importer

Discussion in 'Modifications, extensions and addons' started by cyberneticos, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Hello Kayako community, after many years of benefitting from other developer's work, I feel like I need to give something back to the Kayako community.

    I have just imported 25,000 tickets, 65,000 ticketreplies, 4500 customers and 210 KB articles + news with this import script.

    ¬°ONLY FOR FRESH INSTALLS OF KAYAKO! It should work right off the bat. The only thing that needs tweaking is the KB importer. You'll need to set each categories Template (marking the checkbox). I couldn't find where to update this in the DB.

    I know many of you have been looking for something like this. I hope you are excited as I was when I imported all of my WHMCS over to kayako.


    New version, fixed a few things. Please read entire thread before using.

    (Uploaded to this thread)

    Tested on WHMCS 4.3.1 and Kayako 3.70
    Feel free to make it better and post your fixes :)

    Attached Files:

  2. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    forgot to mention:

    you will also need to tweak this for your department ids:

    // matching departments
    if ($did=="1"$departamento 1;
        else if (
    $did=="3"$departamento 3;
        else if (
    $did=="5"$departamento 5;
        else if (
    $did=="2"$departamento 7;
        else if (
    $did=="8"$departamento 9;
    $departamento 3;
    remember these will be your ticket department ids, not liveresponse ones ;)
  3. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    Fantastic, thank you for sharing this :)
  4. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

  5. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Updated to v.1.2

    Now includes Predefiend Replies import script :D

  6. davek

    davek New Member

    Please note: this will completely ruin any tickets that are already in kayako. I guess it's meant only for fresh installs.
  7. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Correct. Only for fresh installs. I will make that clear on my first post.

    Thanks for pointing that out. Sorry if I caused any headaches for not mentioning.
  8. CyberHostPro

    CyberHostPro Member


    Does anyone still have this script? it seems the OP link no longer works :(
  9. tduchch

    tduchch New Member

    The link above does not work anymore, is this script still available?

    Has anyone tried it with the newer versions, WHMCS 4.3.1 and Kayako 3.70.02?

  10. CyberHostPro

    CyberHostPro Member

    I also am trying this, i tried to contact their live support earlier but no one answers.
  11. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Hi guys, we're really busy setting up our new DC. Give me a few day,s becuase I have made the script even better than the original one. I will post it up in a few days. Can't do any better.

  12. tduchch

    tduchch New Member

    Thanks muchly, looking forward to trying this.

  13. warlock

    warlock New Member

    Sir, are you able to re-upload the file? Im getting Fatal error:

    Also, do you speak spanish? I just say because:
  14. CyberHostPro

    CyberHostPro Member

    read his last post! he said he'll provide us all with the new one within a few days.
  15. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Thanks CyberHost Pro, heheh

    I can understand some people's impatience, been there done that.

    Yes, I speak spanish, becuase I am spanish. I also speak English becuase I'm American. When I program I use spanish variables sometimes to distinguish from other variables. It's not a typo.

    Give me few minutes to upload the newer sutff. Again, this is for fresh installs of Kayako, and it does not work 100%. You're gonna have to tweak the code. you're gonna have to know php. This script is just going to save you time from writing your own script from scratch.

    But, it works fairly well. Has a few bugs though.
  16. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Here it is :) Remember to read previous posts to understand previously discussed issues.

    Enjoy and feel free to make it better! Let me know if you have any questions regarding the code.

    (uploaded to first post)
  17. CyberHostPro

    CyberHostPro Member


    am i right in thinking on tickets:

    $did is old department id and $departamento is new department id?
  18. CyberHostPro

    CyberHostPro Member


    NOTE, when importing KB articles, it does not assign the Folders to template group. is their a way to add this in the script???
  19. tduchch

    tduchch New Member

    Thank You, with a bit of tweaking, this worked perfectly for us.

  20. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Cool :)

    It's never too late to share your tweaks with us when you get a chance :D

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