Why is Sarah Chambers still displayed as support director on your website?

Discussion in 'Feedback and suggestions' started by ausDamo, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. ausDamo

    ausDamo Member

    My understanding is that she left Kayako many many months ago.
  2. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi there - we've been a bit slow to update our website; the team page is up to date, though :)
  3. ausDamo

    ausDamo Member

    So no one is in charge of support anymore? Based on your up to date team page.

    I find it pretty deceptive to show that on the home page. Especially after I raised it twice and was told it was being updated. And this wasn't recent, it was the week that Sarah Chambers stopped working for Kayako.

    I became a disgruntled customer because of a number of issues, one of which Ms Chambers was handling. Only midway through it an operator advised that she was no longer there.

    When I can back to look to see if things had improved at Kayako I was surprised to still that on the home page. It does confirm to me that nothing has changed at Kayako and for all the politeness, apologies and promises given by staff, at the end of the day the customer is just not cared for, and different departments can not communicate properly with each other.

    Ironic really. Perhaps we should start (another) conversation?
  4. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    We went through a big rejig of the team late last year. I'm responsible for our support alongside others functions. But we're a fairly autonomous organisation.

    Like I said, we've kept the team page bang up to date. One of the benefits of incorporating our team throughout other content in the website means we can put a face to a brand, but yes - one of the downsides is that if we have a change in the team, we don't have very quick cycle times to update things across the board. A lesson learned.

    There's no attempt to deceive anyone.

    I didn't know you had encountered a number of issues. If you feel at any point you're not getting our usual top standards of service, feel free to drop me a line and I'll step into those shoes.
  5. ausDamo

    ausDamo Member

    A number of issues is an understatement. I tried so many times to have it escalated / reported but that's not how Kayako support staff operate. They'll apologise after the fact and assure it won't happen again. But it did. Many times.

    I was a small customer. Happy and referred a handful of larger clients but we have all stepped away now and switched to alternative products.

    Another example also raised at the time was your blog article about good service in the form of providing a roadmap to clients and getting them interested/involved/part of the process. Kayako found that too difficult to do for their own clients. Once again one area of the business not communicating to the other.
  6. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi ausDamo -
    Would you like me to dive into these for you?
  7. ausDamo

    ausDamo Member

    Jamie I would appreciate if you would review all the correspondence. Not for me, but so that you can actually see how the issues were poorly handled. As I mentioned I was not a big client (maybe that's why it was not given any respect, and only lip service). In the end Kayako kept my money and lost me as a client. I no longer suggest Kayako as a viable company.
  8. ausDamo

    ausDamo Member

    Hi Jamie,

    How did the review go? I see that Kayako is still misrepresenting itself with Sarah as the Support Director on your company's website.

    To know, acknowledge and then still not take action. That's deception 101.
  9. ausDamo

    ausDamo Member

    Hi Jamie,

    Well now there is something that you can look into. I received two emails this morning with the following subjects

    Urgent: Your Kayako subscription is being cancelled.
    Thanks, we’ve got your message - [Invoice Due $xx - xxxxxxxxxx]

    The ongoing "conversation" with Daniel Harris (if he's actually a real person and still there - refer Sarah Chambers above) covers how I am not a customer any more, how he "checked with the appropriate team to make sure" that all email address to me were removed from your systems and that I would receive anything more.

    I know, I know... it was probably just a human error and Kayako is sorry and will assure me once again that I am fully removed from their systems.
  10. ausDamo

    ausDamo Member

    Well there you go.. it's a glitch in the system, no human intervention involved

  11. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    I hear you can rub them with spam, too.
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