Will these features be included?

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  1. sugardoo4

    sugardoo4 Guest

    Will these features be included? and some questions:

    1. Will the new version allow us to limit the amount of tickets that a person can open for a month? We have paid tech support, so after a certain amount of tickets opened and resolved they need to purchase more tickets from us.

    2. Will the new version allow us to include on the website the current avg response time? For those of us that pride on our support we would like to show our clients that we are responding to tickets in a specified amount of time.

    3. How will the URL structure work in the new version? Are the URLS to sections going to be a lot different then v2?

    4. Since v3 allows us to have password protected areas and regisitration. If a user signs up for the support site, will it go into queue until we approve their registration to use our support site?

    5. In the knowledgebase section is there a feature that will allow our clients to make a suggestion on how to make the article better or things that need to be addeded or edited?

    6. Wil v3 have a glossarry section that we can add, so that if a word that is in our glossary is in our knowledgebase article, it will show up with a dotted green line under it in which they can click and it will take them to the glossary to view the meaning of the word?

    7. If we add a section called tutorials, will there be a way that we can add the tutorial videos easily like the downloads and knowledgebase articles? For example, we click browse, upload, and give the video a Name and description.

    8. Will v3 allow us to give support points? For example, a client would get 100 support points a month to use. On our site we specify basic situations and how many support points it would deduct. If they needed a basic question answer we would deduct 5 points. After they get to 0 points they would need to purchase more points. The purchase and renew would be handled by our staff.

    9. Will v3 allow us to specify the amount of articles to view on the page under each section? Currently we can only place 2 articles view under each topic?

    10. will v3 have an option to let our clients email and article to themselves? Currently there is a print option, but do not see an email option.

    This is all I can think of now, If I have anymore question I will be sure to post them.
  2. hinojosad

    hinojosad New Member

    maintain all email addresses

    I would like to have the ability of new incoming ticket from email to gather up any CC'd email addresses so that on reply from support, the folks who were originally cc'd will be included.

  3. Varun Shoor

    Varun Shoor Chief Kayaker Staff Member

    1. Not added right now but we will definately add it after v3 is released because the current structure allows for easy adding of such features.

    2. Yes, This will be possible.

    3. Yes, a LOT different

    4. If Validation is enabled, Yes.

    5. You can easily do this in v2 itself, Just link your clients to a submit ticket page with a specific department id passed in URL.

    6. We planned to add it earlier but decided against it as it wasnt a much requested feature/

    7. Yes, very easy to do using the custom section feature in v3. You have to know basic PHP code though. It will be only a 3-5 line process

    8. Very interesting idea, I will run this up with our staff and see what they have to say regarding this.

    9. Yes, Already added

    10. Yes, Implemented with PDF Export of Article.


    Varun Shoor
  4. remon

    remon New Member

    I really think Kayako should include this feature.

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