Would you recommend Kayako?

Discussion in '(Archive) Product related' started by cbtrussell, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. cbtrussell

    cbtrussell New Member


    We're long time Cerberus users considering a change. Cerberus has been a good solution however their recent changes to V3, coupled with a requirement to purchase a new full license in order to upgrade, have us looking at the competition.

    Obviously Kayako looks great and has tons of features, but it seems everyone has two consistent complaints:

    1) Support isn't very good

    2) The product has numerous defects

    I don't care much about support if the product works as advertised. For us, we're a fairly low volume operation (so far as trouble tickets are concerned) so our needs aren't that out of the ordinary. We want a helpdesk that works reliably. Notifications are particularly important.

    So tell me - are the reports of bugs overblown? Or is it as bad as everyone says it is? How often do you or your staff find defects in the core product? Would you buy Kayako again?

    If you don't want to post in the open forum please PM me your comments.

  2. rickowen

    rickowen New Member

    I would highly recommend, it is perfect for our requirements

    we support approx 300 users with 3 staff, dealing with about 100 tickets a month,
    we rely mainly on the email piping and sms gateways as all our calls out logged via email, and over the last year all has been well,

    In out experience support has been very good, Our support tickets are answered normally same working day,
    we have had 2 sms gateway issues, both fixed within 4 hours and couple of other calls all fixed within one working day

    this forum is excellent for help also.

    We are using version 3.04.10 and have no issues or bugs that affect us.

    The system is running on our own unix server, we set the system up with only a small issuing with email piping , this was solved using info on this forum

    What more can i say, why dont you try the free trial and see what you think,

    Hope that helps

  3. SteveLV702

    SteveLV702 Kayako Guru

    I love it and highly recommend it...
  4. vineethshyam

    vineethshyam New Member

    If your requirement is for multiple clients .Then forget kayako
  5. ServerTweak.com

    ServerTweak.com New Member

    if you plan to offer the best support for your business , then yes

    kayako is the best
  6. eiden

    eiden New Member

    I would recommend it.
  7. Racked Hosting

    Racked Hosting New Member

    Fully recommended, even if your volume increases :)
  8. Patiek

    Patiek New Member

    I would recommend on the conditions that:
    a) You do not need multi-OS support for answering tickets (they are strictly Windows-only team and so far have refused any other OS development).
    b) You do not need support for MB 5 (have been waiting ages for this and it hasn't ever arrived, with little information given).

    The biggest problem most people will stumble across is (a) and, despite pleas by many individuals, it is likely that Kayako developers either will not or do not know how to provide a multi-OS solution.

    Other things:
    We have experienced problems sometimes with their own SMS provided system not working as expected. I would inquire about the redundancy of their servers (and I do hope that the 's' is appropriate there). These problems are very rare but a single problem ends up causing us to lose tickets (especially since they can't provide (a)).

    If (a) and (b) are not a problem for you then I would recommend the product.
  9. SteveLV702

    SteveLV702 Kayako Guru

    I think A is false as it works great on our Linux Systems and havent had any problems.... One of our resold client had a problem and Kayako Support resolved it in under 5 hours.. and they were on Linux Server too..

    way to go Kayako keep up the good work.
  10. Grant

    Grant New Member

    I think he is speaking about the eSupport type system... If you need to use LiveResponse then he would be correct.
  11. Tony Frey

    Tony Frey New Member

    I cannot recommend it. As a hosted solution, it just hasn't worked. If you were installing and maintaining it yourself, it would probably work ok.

    My issues with support (there is none from what I've seen) would prevent me from recommending it, however.

    I just bought and installed PerlDesk (http://www.perldesk.com) today and am very pleased with it.

    From a feature point of view it is a very strong product and more feature rich than most of the other solutions I've investigated (SupportTrio, Cerberus, Auracle).
  12. Patiek

    Patiek New Member

    That is correct. eSupport is useless as far as LiveSupport, InstaAlert, etc, goes when it comes to operating systems other than Windows.

    I have no doubt that MB 5.x will eventually be supported, but so far kayako has insisted that it has no current or future plans for supported multiple operating systems. Unfortunately, this has become an almost necessary feature for any company that has even moderate traffic and thus it is disappointing to get responses such as "not enough demand" when many are demanding it ;)

    If you need multi-OS support, there are other solutions out there.
  13. Varun Shoor

    Varun Shoor Chief Kayaker Staff Member

    We plan to push out AJAX based Live Support very soon, The first release will be given to Official Tester Group and later on pushed into CVS.


    Varun Shoor
  14. Patiek

    Patiek New Member

    That is certainly promising news.
  15. ehoffman

    ehoffman New Member

    SupportSuite is a great overall product a year later with some maturity happening in the product line.

    Am very glad I returned to the Kayako line after leaving in frustration last summer. The difference is significant in their support and attention to detail.

    I own the suite, so I get to play with it. Hosted, might need to look to others for comments.
  16. sureshkumar.mr

    sureshkumar.mr Established Member

    Frankly speaking Kayako is not suitable for all types of business model. However it may fit your business model, don't own it initially, try out for a couple of months, if it perfectly fits then you can own it.

    Regarding support, clients need to literally BEG. About Feature request, just you need to file and forget.
  17. Grant

    Grant New Member

    They actually do listen.. They are like any other company... Any Feature Requests that are repeatedly requested they eventually will implement. The proof is in the pudding.. Look at the Follow-Up Feature.. That has a bug ID.. I will find it a little later.
  18. Patiek

    Patiek New Member

    Or the Linux client. Damn, ran out of pudding.
  19. caitlyntw

    caitlyntw Established Member

    If your business' helpdeks volume is not high and you're not a true international company that doesn't do business worldwide, then Kayako may work for you.

    There are a lot of bugs, so you might want to start off using it for non-critical situations.
  20. netFusion

    netFusion Reputed Member

    Pudding hmmmm. Ok. Here's one for you. If you find the pudding, please share? I like pudding too! :) :)

    Poll at: http://forums.kayako.com/showthread.php?t=9162
    29 votes yes.
    0 votes no.

    Flyspray #755, Ability for Client to Close Own Ticket.
    Requested in Fly Spray over a year ago on September 26, 2005.
    Looking for the pudding...

    Or this one is probably the number one most popular request that I've seen in the community.

    Flyspray #1109, Autologon from the link in the ticket.
    Requested in Fly Spray a year ago on November 5, 2005.
    Still no pudding...

    There are tons of requests in Flyspray that have not been acted on. Actually I think there are more items in Flyspray than Kayako could actually get their hands around. So I think they just continously get overlooked in there.

    I do not wish to belittle the follow up request that you mention, but I have not found a request for it in flyspray. It may be very helpful. However, I don't think it has been as aggressively requested as you imply. I actually don't remember reading any discussions asking for it or about it until Varun posted that it was being included...

    Maybe, maybe not... Hopefully they will start adding some of the features that have actually been heavily requested from the community. Until then, we will just have to wait and hope that Kayako will start to catch on...

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