Would you recommend Kayako?

Discussion in '(Archive) Product related' started by cbtrussell, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. UberGreek

    UberGreek New Member

    Works Fine

    I am not sure why this was posted, we have quite a few clients. With an understanding of the product it works great.

    It goes with out saying that there will be people that are not technical regardless if they are in IT.

    If you have an entry level understanding of this type of technology you can customize it any way you please.

  2. Grant

    Grant New Member

    This thread has been very interesting... I love how everyone took my pudding and made it funny.. haha... I really enjoyed that..

    I suppose I would have to say I agree with you... They don't follow up on every feature and they do have so many that they are probably having trouble keeping up.. I will let Vurun know about the feature above... I had looked at that thread a little while ago..
  3. sureshkumar.mr

    sureshkumar.mr Established Member

    You cannot customize everything, then why we need Kayako? There are so many bugs and features pending from several years. This shows the way they are working.

    Incase if we customize, we need to update all the code changes when we upgrade to a newer version. For this you need to have a separate team which is not feasible.
  4. graziano68

    graziano68 Established Member

    1) support is not existent , or they reply without any help
    2) the software has a lot o fproblems with with https

    So , if you can live without support and without https , is a good product.
  5. mblendinger

    mblendinger Established Member

    we use the current latest stable (3.04.10) of eSupport only, and it work very well for us. We have it hosted on our own linux server giving support and communication to thousands of clients and we are VERY happy with it. I know it have some bugs but nothing stop our operations.

    Note 1: we use just eSupport, not eSupportSuite, we have not experience with the windows apps, live help, etc
    Note 2: we really don't needed support so I personally have not a real experience about his times.

    regarding to MB5 integration, MB finally released the integration documents and Kayako is working on it: http://blog.kayako.net/archives/40
    I know other HelpDesk's provider have already finished the integration of his product today using these docs, so Kayako surely will do the same in the following days.

    As always, Check the trial before getting the license, a product never feet to all business requeriments and operation procedures.
  6. keliix06

    keliix06 Established Member

    Been running it on https for two years without any issues.
  7. graziano68

    graziano68 Established Member

    surely because you are using IE english :)

    https doesn't work with
    IE italian and some other IE languages. Did you know it :rolleyes: ?

    Doesn't work because you have to press 2 times the submit button in each form page , if you press one time the submit button IE crash . This is probably due to the cache (smarty) system used by kayako .kayako demonstred no interested to fix it . I had several ticket opened , no interest to fix or to replicate the problem.
  8. Mortfiles.se

    Mortfiles.se New Member

    Sounds more like a IE issue if it crashes with just certain IE versions and not all IE versions? Does this happen in IE7 as well?

    ...and I would recommend Kayako as well. I also used Cerberus before, but I'll never go back once I got my eSupport :)
  9. graziano68

    graziano68 Established Member

    it's a smarty cache problem, and yes the problem exists also on IE7 different by english-
  10. Mortfiles.se

    Mortfiles.se New Member

    Since I am always curious and eager to learn, would you mind explaining how the smarty cache could cause this problem? Does it have anything to do with other charsets?
  11. graziano68

    graziano68 Established Member

    don't ask it to me , ask it to kayako.

    My tickets and bug requests were simply ignored.

    The exactly SAME problem is discussed here

    "I have a site running on https. Infrequently, but frequently enough to be an issue, I'll post a form and the posted information will get lost. However, if I simply hit the refresh button in my browser, it will ask me if I'd like to repost my information and the form will post successfully."

    On kayako happens EXACTLY the same !!

    I think and suppose that the problem is caused by smarty cache system.
  12. vinny

    vinny New Member

    My recommendation - new owner

    I started out using Mantis because our company used it. Then I started using Flyspray for my own use. Then when business picked up, I switched over to Cerebus for something heftier. Now, as a small-business owner not doing that bad with a good amount of new clients -- I've finally put down the $$$ for Kayako eSupport.

    By the way, Kayako worked VERY closely with me before my purchase. I was literally on Live Support Chat with them and they weren't pushy but answered EVERYTHING I needed answered before my purchase.

    Having purchased it in the last 2 weeks, I'm finding the best place to begin is to get as much help from Kayako as I can to get set-up and running. They were pretty good, but the Mail Paser Pipe was a bitch to get going. It took about a week to fully function correctly for us.

    Then, after up and running, the Forums are a bit out-dated with some global questions but to be honest: eSupport works straight out of the box. I've been looking over all the past/recent post's and just like any forum -- you'll get the grumpy post's and then the people happy about their purchase. The Forum community seems pretty knowledgeable and active and I'm thankful for that! That's very important.

    So, judging by my previous Bug-Tracking, Help Desk solutions ...I've found that eSupport is kicking a lot of ***. I'm pretty overwhelmed right now because I'm finding it's doing *most things* that it should and when I find something that's not working, I'll jump back over here to the Forums. I anticipate with new builds it will only get better....

  13. overworkedchimp

    overworkedchimp New Member

  14. leyton01

    leyton01 New Member

    I think you pretty much summed it up in your first post

    Support is generally non-existent.

    There are bugs and updates are sloooooooooooooow. So if some of the problems affect the way you run your help desk severely it may not be viable.

    Really the only way to truly know is to try it yourself, if there are showstoppers then no go. If you can live with its faults then it is a reasonable package.
  15. christinasc

    christinasc New Member

    You can have Kayako or you can choose to manage hundreds of emails in your own email account. Frankly, I really don't think MS Outlook does the job. Outlook doesn't manage multiple email threads well. Outlook doesn't group conversations together tightly. Worst of all, it is a real hassle for me to flag reminders in Outlook, I'd much rather have Kayako do that for me.

    I have a ticket thread in Kayako that goes back 6 months with replies to and from our customer. That's more than 200 emails. It's all grouped neatly into one ticket line inside of Kayako. That is a real lifesaver if I have to go back and refer to all the previous conversations to "catch up" on our discussion. If I have to manage hundreds of emails, it doesn't make sense to put it all inside of MS Outlook. It becomes too easy to lose track of priorities and too much work searching in order to refresh yourself on the history of the conversation before replying. Plus, Kayako has almost entirely eliminated our spam problems.

    In that respect, Kayako is worth every penny plus more that I have paid for each of its site licenses.
  16. leyton01

    leyton01 New Member

    I think the fact that they are long time Cerberus users means they are not considering outlook as a possibility and they know the value of a ticketing system...
  17. Manglio

    Manglio New Member

    I agree!!! The support is no good, and i have one major big problem with it. It is simply not reliable. Tickets show up hours later than it is sent by the clients, and sometimes never show up at the helpdesk. Nobody at the support can fix the bug, and they insist saying it is a cron job problem at my server, which is not true.

    Also, I believe that they will not read this comments, or try to do something to fix this important defect of the Kayako's software.

    []'s Manglio

  18. Raghav Arora

    Raghav Arora Kayako Staff Staff Member

    Please email me the ticket ID you have created for this issue and I will look into it.
  19. SteveLV702

    SteveLV702 Kayako Guru

    You using pipe or pop3 for your emails cause if your using POP3 I would also say its a cron job problem as it seems you have cron jobs set incorrectly and its set to run every hour or so instead of like every 5 minutes.... You also gotta keep in mind of how long it takes your clients email server to actually get emails to you.. I know from experience and alot of testing that hotmail.com takes atleast 15 minutes before I receive emails from hotmail.. I usually get emails from AOL within 10 seconds every ISP is different and depends on where your server and their server is as distance matters....
  20. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

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