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WYSIWYG Editor for Kayako

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by KayakoSolutions, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. KayakoSolutions

    KayakoSolutions Established Member

    Hello guys!

    Kayako Solutions are pleased to finally offer you a WYSIWYG Editor designed for Kayako which will:

    - allow you to use rich text formatting in your tickets;
    - make sure your message is delivered in the most visually pleasing manner;
    - help you make the most out of your ticketing system.

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  2. cxtsupport

    cxtsupport Established Member

    We implemented this solution and it was anything but easy. We couldn't get it installed initially without opening a support ticket with Kayako Solutions and then they had to modify their files on our server. After this started working there were paragraph formatting issues that took several iterations to repair. To top it off we can't save drafts and I'm being told they're scouring the Kayako forums for solutions to our issues. Support feedback is weak at best and I wouldn't suggest this feature to anyone unless you're ready to embrace all the trade offs. It's not as drop in place and strongly coded as it appears and I'm a little disappointed that I spent the money with this solution and it doesn't work as well as I would like.
  3. KayakoSolutions

    KayakoSolutions Established Member

    Dear CXTSupport,

    I'm sorry to hear you that disappointed but sometimes some things are just out of your control and it takes time to get it.

    1) We've provided the WYSIWYG module to a lot of our customers who have been 100% satisfied with it. However, none of them needed the save draft functionality, that's why this issue came up with your project. It is purely the WYSIWYG plug-ing's bug and I can assure you it will be fixed sooner or later.

    2) All of your support tickets were addressed within the time frames stipulates in our SLA, so I don't find it ethical on your part to accuse us of some negligence regarding support.

    3) Please, don't be very depressed :) As was said in the email we sent you the bug will eventually be fixed! We're not done with you until we've provided you with the solution that is 100% functional for you. So please be patient, this will hopefully be resolved very soon.
  4. cxtsupport

    cxtsupport Established Member

    Hello Zack,

    Your response is appreciated and I'm glad you took the time to answer my concerns. The reason I came to this forum to post my experience is because I'm sure there are other organizations like ourselves that might be interested in this feature and I think it's important for them to hear an actual use case. Most of my concerns have been the fact that the WYSIWYG editor is advertised as a replacement to the text editor for tickets. The problem is that it doesn't currently work for saving replies, or follow-up which are both standard features of Kayako Fusion. I feel like the WYSIWYG editor wasn't fully developed and in some respects is advertising functionality that isn't fully implemented in all aspects of the staff ticket interface.

    Regarding our Support experience I believe it's entirely ethical to express our experience. Lets dive into this a bit... Typically I end up emailing Yana and while she is typically responsive, once I've emailed her I loose visibility of what's going on with my support issue. In the beginning I asked Yana for instructions on how to install the application which she provided but they were miss leading. Here is a quote from an original email thread I had with Yana.

    When I asked for clarification I was simply told to read the same instructions that didn't make sense to us in the first place. In my opinion this isn't a polite or respectful manner to approach a customer who has just recently purchased your product. Besides the rough start we then had several iterations of support going back and forth to remove the double spacing that was being added to every reply we typed with the editor. Essentially everything was being wrapped in paragraph tags vs break tags. I'm not sure how this slipped through your quality assurance process or how other customers that have implemented this solution would have found this acceptable as it makes your responses look unprofessional to your clients when the spacing doubled. After going back and forth your Support team finally used some sort of replace function to remove the paragraph tags and replace them with break tags which resolved the formatting issues.

    After we resolved the installation and formatting issues we moved on to the saving reply feature. It's not something we use on every ticket or every day, but when we encountered it we were surprised that it didn't work considering it's basic functionality to save a copy of whatever your reply is for others to view before sending. I opened a ticket on the 22nd of November and had not heard anything back from Kayako Solutions until I asked for an update on the 30th of November. I've looked through your website and was unable to find a copy of your SLA that you've mentioned.

    Regardless, 8 days had gone by and it appeared that nothing was happening. In my opinion when a customer has been left without a response for that long they have the right to be concerned and to start to wonder if their issues are important to the vendor.

    While I can appreciate that it takes time to resolve issues and to search for resolutions I don't believe it takes that much effort to check in with the customer while this process is underway. I'm not sure why I can't actually log into a client support interface to track my tickets as it appears you're using Kayako Fusion to track your support tickets, but I've never found a link or been given instructions.

    Overall I like the feature but there are several things that anyone else interested in this feature should consider.

    1: At this point in time neither Save Draft, or Follow-Up work/support the WYSIWIG editor.

    2: If you're operating in the United States it appears that Kayako Solution's support closes at 5 -6 PM GMT, which means for us on the West coast of the US Kayako Solutions is winding down for Support between 9 and 10 AM which doesn't leave much time in the day to work through issues.

    3: The documentation I was provided doesn't address installation on a Windows server. As noted above in my quote the references as to where to install the files doesn't designate if it should go in the "apps" folder like most add-ins, or in the root of your Kayako Fusion site. It's also important to note that the permissions text isn't for Windows and tends to create some confusion as you're left wondering do I need to perform the equivalent on my Windows machine to make this work. I would strongly suggest that Kayako Solutions spend a little time to enhance their documentation and help the end user better understand the steps needed to complete the installation.

    4: The spacing is doubled by default (at least it was in our install), I can't think of anyone that would want this spacing since it makes all your responses look like you don't know how to write proper grammar. In our situation a client even pointed it out and mentioned it looked unprofessional.

    5: There are some things that are difficult to understand when reading the responses from Kayako Solutions. The English is possibly correct in London, but for myself and the rest of my staff that's been engaged in these issues it's sometimes difficult to decipher what's being said and I've found myself reading the responses multiple times to make sure I'm interpreting them correctly. It's not a huge deal, but it makes you read and re-read some of the responses to ensure you're interpreting them correctly. If you've ever interacted with Kayako's support you know what I mean. But respectfully the English is much better with Kayako Solutions.

    So far the benefits have outweighed the cons but, we will eventually need the save draft feature to work otherwise we'll have to revert to the basic text functionality and request a refund.

    Thank you for the response Zack and I look forward to a quick resolution.
  5. KayakoSolutions

    KayakoSolutions Established Member

    Hello again,

    I would like to know your name rather than having to address you as 'cxtsupport'.

    First, thanks for this bullet-pointed bug report, it will help us a lot! ;)

    I'm deeply sorry for all the troubles you've been through with us.

    1) You're our first customer using a Windows server, so it was the first time that we tried and installed our module for Windows. So sorry again for all the confusion with documentation and installation guides. I will make sure we create all the necessary docs regarding installation and everything for Windows, too.

    2) Yes, we're headquartered in London, the UK.

    3) Again, sorry for the doubled spacing/formatting issues. That was due to a bug in the WYSIWYG publisher's code, which we must have overlooked. We've been pretty much swamped with work lately, so one could expect our QA going a bit down in quality, but I assure you we will improve!!

    4) We have internal and external SLAs and the latter are always available and sent over to our customers who are signed up for our support services. Both SLAs state that all customer tickets shall be processed within 8 hours, and I'm very sorry we failed to address your issue within these time-frames. Although, I would like to point out that all your previous requests/issues were taken care of within the required time period.

    5) “At this point in time neither Save Draft, or Follow-Up work/support the WYSIWIG editor.

    We're working on these and they will be resolved, that is fixed and thoroughly tested.

    The Safe Draft bug should be resolved by Tuesday, December 11. The Follow-Up work functionality will be implemented by the end of this month as it is not a bug but an extra feature to be added.

    Again, my apologies for all of these issues.

    Thanks for being so precise and detail-oriented, I've never ever processed a forum post so well thought-through.
  6. cxtsupport

    cxtsupport Established Member

    Hi Zack,

    As of now both the "Save Draft" and the "Missing Reply" bug have been fixed and it appears that the WYSIWYG editor is functioning at 100%. We'll keep on testing and I'm glad Kayako Solutions was able to find a resolution to our issues. This last go around with your support team was much better, they quickly and professionally communicated and resolved the issues. I appreciate any influence you had with this situation and I hope we can continue to explore future add-ons.


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  7. KayakoSolutions

    KayakoSolutions Established Member

    Hello Shaun,

    I'm very glad that you're feeling better now about our professional collaboration. Hopefully, there will be no more problems concerning your project, and should any occur, they shall be dealt with in a timely and professional manner. Thanks for your feedback!
  8. KayakoSolutions

    KayakoSolutions Established Member

    Hello Shaun,

    I'm very glad that you're feeling better now about our professional collaboration. Hopefully, there will be no more problems concerning your project, and should any occur, they shall be dealt with in a timely and professional manner. Thanks for your feedback!
  9. cxtsupport

    cxtsupport Established Member

    Hello Zack,

    I just want to outline the current experience with your support staff.

    We'll start with the 'Missing Reply' bug Shaun had mentioned before. This bug was very very disruptive to our day to day work. What was happening is when a new Note was saved, and then a Reply added to the ticket, the Reply wouldn't save. The Note would be there, the Time Worked would input, the Status on the ticket would change, but the Reply would completely disappear. You could imagine how frustrating this was to us and our clients who would wait a few days before asking us why we aren't responding to them.

    This all started before Shaun's last response on 12/11/2012 and we had a fairly good experience with your support staff, everything went quickly and professional. After this bug was fixed, it took about a week for the same exact issue to manifest itself again, it slightly irks us that it was literally the exact same process to get the replies to disappear. How does a 'fixed' bug manifest itself in the same exact way a week later with no changes to the code? I sent an email on 12/17/12 to Yana to open a ticket explaining what was going on and she replied to it the next day that the issue was being looked into. Four days later I asked for an update as we had not heard anything about the progress and received no response. Finally on 12/26/12 another 5 days after I asked for an update we get a response saying the issue is fixed. We understand it was a holiday weekend at that point but a quick "We're going to be out until 12/26.", would have been more than enough to hold us over.

    So, the bug was 'fixed' again. Some of our staff were still having issues with missing replies but since we were unable to find a 100% reproducible cause we didn't open a ticket right away. On 1/10 we were able to nail down exactly how to cause the replies to disappear. We were not surprised to see it was related to the Note's function and the WYSIWYG Editor. This time all you had to do was edit a Note, then add a Reply to the ticket, and the reply would go missing. I immediately re-opened the ticket on your support website explaining the new cause of the issue. Which by the way, you still do not have a link to your support website on your main website. The next day, again not receiving a response I asked for a progress update. Yana then responded with basically, "We are too busy to help you". While this is an incredibly disappointing, I left it alone, it wasn't worth it. Three days later I again asked for an update on this issue, again receiving no response.

    Now three days after my last request for an update, Yana comes back saying the developer on this Module is out sick and they will have to push back any help again. The developer is out sick today, they're human, but what happened to the last 7 days? Why are we constantly sitting around waiting for your support to fix something that was advertised as a complete replacement to the built in editor? How did all of these issues get passed your quality assurance testing?

    It seems the only time we get quick, courteous and professional help is when we express our concerns on this forum, so here they are, please help us.

    Thank you,
  10. KayakoSolutions

    KayakoSolutions Established Member

    Hello Ryan,

    I'm very sorry to hear you've been experiencing some issues with the module again. As you may have already noticed, we fixed the bug and sent you a respective email earlier today.

    In our defence, however, I should point out that we took full responsibility ironing out all the bugs you found during our support period. You bought the module in November and after a series of bug fixes you confirmed that everything worked perfectly for you back in December. But in January you claimed to have found another bug. Yes, it took us quite a while to address it this time because our developer was on a sick leave, but we fixed it eventually anyway and free of charge, even though this was already beyond our free support period.

    Today, we sent you our last update which hopefully should fix the issue. In case you're not satisfied with our module performance and/or our service level, we are ready to give you a full refund, provided that you remove completely all the code material by uninstalling the module.

    And let me assure you that in no way was this post an extra push for us to address your problem, our tasks are neatly scheduled and we address them duly according to their priority.

    Zack Jones
  11. cxtsupport

    cxtsupport Established Member

    Hi Zack,

    Thank you for the response to Ryan's post, we share the same login to simplify our third party software/forum/support logins. I read the agreement and I get that your company needs a way to make sure you're not on the hook for the ever lasting support burden of a $220 purchase, however I find it difficult to understand that you "could" wipe your hands of a product deficiency simply because it's past 30 days from purchase. We're in the software business ourselves and while our software license model differs we're never in a position to delay customer communication or followup when our service is being requested. It's not my intention to lecture or point fingers but I think we can agree that our philosophies are similar, yet there is some distance between them.

    I know my team really enjoys the features that the WYSIWIG editor provides and it's going to be harder to take it away then to continue adapting it for future use.

    Since we're now outside our support window what can we do when we encounter an error?

    We stage our deployments so I can promise you we won't have any emergency requests, but we would most definitely like to keep this product working in 4.60.x. According to a prior email from Yana the price for upgrades is 20% of the cost, which works out to $44. What kind of timeline can we expect when we engage you for this request? The reason I ask is because we set internal time lines for upgrade and if we know what your time line is then we can parallel track our efforts accordingly.

    I appreciate your followup Zack and I'm sure we can negotiate mutual expectations.

    Thank you,

    Shaun R.
  12. KayakoSolutions

    KayakoSolutions Established Member

    Hello Shaun,

    The possibility of you finding more bugs or errors is pretty low, as we've deployed this solution on about 50 different client servers and you guys happened to be the only customer who managed to trigger that nasty bug.
    Sure enough, we'll be more than willing to maintain our module as you upgrade to later versions of Kayako but it'll entail the above-mentioned fee. The time period for upgrade to be implemented will depend on our general workload but it usually takes about two business days.

    I'm very hopeful there will be no more miscommunication or any sort of issues between our companies.

    best regards,
    Zack Jones
  13. cginest

    cginest Established Member

    Is formatting storable in Macros as well as available in normal responses with this package?
  14. Chris Plapp

    Chris Plapp Reputed Member

    We had a lot of problems with the macros after installing this and had to recreate all of them.

    I would say this is not worth the money. We bought this and then upgraded to 4.59, only to find out that it stopped working. In order to get it to work, you have to pay them a percent upgrade fee. This ends up being an extremely expensive component with the rate at which Kayako releases updates.
  15. cxtsupport

    cxtsupport Established Member

    Hi cginest,

    As you can probably tell, we also had our fair share of issues with the WYSIWYG Editor but it has been an essential part of our day to day business and gives you a ton of flexibility when replying to a ticket.

    However, Chris is correct, if it stops working and you don't know how to fix it you will have to pay them 20% for any upgrades and additional fees for them to fix bugs in the plugin. Fortunately we figured out the code changes and can handle everything ourselves now. Like I said, at least since all the kinks mentioned earlier in this thread were worked out, the WYSIWYG Editor has been great and it is hard to imagine that we didn't have it before.

    To answer your question, again Chris is correct, you will have to recreate all of your macros except with HTML formatting in them this time.

    Instead of:
    This is an example.
    Thank you,
    CXT Software
    It would be:
    <p>This is an example.</p>
    <p>Thank you,</p>
    <p>CXT Software</p>
  16. cginest

    cginest Established Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I have their Salesforce integration package, so I know the issues with code failing when a Kayako point release is installed and the 20-30% fee to make it compatible with the latest version. If we payed for this package I'd probably just have my development resources merge it with our existing codebase manually.

    So you cant just use the existing text in the macros and apply formatting via WYSIWYG? They all have to be manually converted to HTML markup?

  17. Chris Plapp

    Chris Plapp Reputed Member

    I think they might have gone in for us and modified their plugin to work with the existing macros after I submitted a support request about it, but all of that was for not because now it doesn't work after the upgrade.
  18. Is it possible to use the WYSIWYG editor for editting tickets (eg editting the original mail a customer has send)?
  19. KayakoSolutions

    KayakoSolutions Established Member

    In the base version of the module there is no such feature. But we can develop it, for a fee. On this issue, please contact us on info@kayako-solutions.com and one of our managers will answer all your questions as soon as posible.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2014
  20. Thanks for the quick reply, but it's not what I am looking for. The way we send an e-mail reply is slightly different, because the original customer mail will be placed below the reply. Sometimes we get mails from other customer services and they have added text of their own so we know what to do. But those texts shouldn't be visible for the customer. We have to edit those texts out, before replying to the customer. The onlly way to do that is using the edit option, but in that case you get the complete HTML which is quite difficult for the average user to edit.

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