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WYSIWYG Ticket Editing

Discussion in 'Modifications, extensions and addons' started by Dylan Lindgren, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. ninjin274

    ninjin274 New Member

    Same issue

    I am having the same issue. Any resolution?
  2. ninjin274

    ninjin274 New Member

    Hi Dylan,

    I am having following issues
    - Unable to enter any Predefined replies or Knowledgebase to the Post Reply
    - The editor does not show up for Post Reply or Forward option (works fine News and Knowledgebase)
    - The error message in IE, says TineMCE is Undefined.

    How can I fix it?
  3. sws

    sws Established Member

    Hi Dylan

    Thanks for sharing this... Ive not tried it yet, but am about too :)

    I keep putting off the updates to kayako since I have to re-integrate the html mod again and again :-( Ive simply not had the time.


    I've been using kayako for years now with my original mod, I really hope there's going to be a html editor standard in V4...
    Of course, I wouldn't know since I'm only just catching up with the news now.. this is probably the first time I've been back on the forum in a few years.
    But im still a loyal customer :)
  4. pol67

    pol67 Reputed Member

    Yes, if I delete:
    it works well
  5. metallica1025

    metallica1025 Member

    Can you give exact areas for the editor to be visible under predefined replies.

    Tickets and replies it's available. But not anywhere else.
  6. mikica123

    mikica123 Member

    OK, I am satisfied with Post replay WYSIWYG feature it is working with 2# and by deleting that line####
    it doesnt work anywhere else but I only use this mostly anyhow :) thanks to the coder!!
  7. cesarin

    cesarin Member

    this partially works, until you click on POST REPLY, then on any other tab.
    it will trow an exception related to the "FOCUS" of the post.

    now the interesting part...
    if you add '' quotes to the "ticketid" statement, the error changes...
    now it says in the browser (and not in the bug console):

    but the older error does not appear. only the "focus" bug is still there.

    while this is a really good mod, it really as quite a bit of bugs, also the creator isnt very active, is he?
  8. chrisrouse

    chrisrouse Reputed Member

    Any chance someone can update this for V4? Or that Kayako could build in WYSIWYG editing for tickets?

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