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Discussion in 'New ideas, bigger features' started by Dylan Lindgren, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. tm2000

    tm2000 Established Member

    +1 for this from us. With V3, we were able to paste a Jing code for a screen shot (http://www.techsmith.com/learn/jing/tutorials/share/embed-jing-content/) and it worked great.

    We have to NO STRIP the HTML, but it seemed OK. Now with version 4, anyone who emails us via a MAC, the thread gets all messed up. If we strip the tags, then our images will not display outbound.

    Would be REALLY cool to be able to strip any INBOUND messages of HTML while allowing outbound and Staff/Support web diplays show them from Staff.
  2. chrisrouse

    chrisrouse Reputed Member

    With the type of support emails my company sends to our users, being able to create lists and place images in-line would be great. We switched from using Apple Mail for all out support to using Kayako and the lack of formatting ability in replies has been one of the biggest complaints we've had internally. If it's implemented in the Knowledgebase it should be implemented in the same manner for tickets.
  3. Psalm91

    Psalm91 Established Member

    +1 for me too. My staff users are wanting it badly.
  4. Joseph Hibbard

    Joseph Hibbard New Member

    I'd love to see this in Kayako
  5. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

  6. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

  7. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

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  8. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    So far CKeditor is the most powerful and standard browser compliance editor hat exist today, even Vbulletin decided to integrated it into their new version. Not only that, buts its very cheap for Kayako to license it so they can distribute it.

    The visual HTML editor is almost the heart of Kayako in allot of senses, from ticket to articles, from creating articles to tutorials. It should be powerful and easy to use, and multi platform. I would not expect less from Kayako, to choose a quality editor for this that is light, compatible and powerful. If someone thinks there is a better one please post.

    Currently the editor in Kayako is a pain to load, very slow. And its full of bugs and issues.

    Also Kayako needs multi language and something they can customize. If you like this, please take a look at:
  9. chrisrouse

    chrisrouse Reputed Member

    Am I reading that ticket correctly at that TinyMCE in ticket creation is slated for the next update?
  10. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    No, it won't be in the next update
  11. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    Here is a nice post I could find



    Maybe we should read it and let us be the judge.

    Im not saying tinymce is bad, but I did had issues with in Kayako.

    But that could probably be because Kayako did not configured correctly. The main problem was when inserting images and relative paths.
  12. ironfist

    ironfist Established Member

    there is also STILL no way to upload images to KB articles, despite this being request for years since v3.
    staff cannot be expect to FTP images up to the server and then edit HTML to point to the img url, this is a ridiculous requirement.
  13. chelseadstevenson

    chelseadstevenson New Member

    I totally agree, it would be 100% easiest to create kb articles from out exisiting documentation if this was the case.
  14. malocite

    malocite Member

    I just went to try and create some knowledgebase articles. This can't be correct, I cannot believe the product cannot upload images like every other wysiwyg editor like wordpress and the rest.

    Exactly how are we supposed to create howto documents if we can't upload pictures??
  15. alvaro.madrid

    alvaro.madrid Established Member

    +1 for me too ;)
  16. Jorge F. Hernandez

    Jorge F. Hernandez New Member

    We also need WYSIWYG built-in Kayako for other than KB, like tickets, so +1 for me too.

    Nobody has talked about this for quite a while and I was wondering if this is ever going to happen.
  17. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    It is my understanding that Kayako have been working on the HTML processor used for displaying HTML within Tickets and once this is efficient they are then looking to add a WYSIWYG editor for tickets.

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